Protein Power Salad

Protein Power Salad

Serves: 4

2 cups cooked quinoa

1 cup cooked lentils

1/2 each red and yellow pepper, finely diced

1 carrot, shredded

2 Tbsp currants

1 Tbsp dried apricots, diced

1 Tbsp. mint, finely chopped

2 Tbsp. basil, finely chopped

1 Tbsp apricot all fruit spread

2 Tbsp cranberry pear or other fruit vinegar

1 tsp fresh ginger, grated

2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds, toasted

What you do:

Cook & cool the quinoa and lentils.

Combine quinoa, lentils, peppers, carrot, currants, apricots, basil & mint.

Mix together fruit spread, vinegar & ginger.  Pour over salad mixture.

Add toasted pumpkin seeds just before serving.



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