Good Morning, Friday! And a Holiday Smoothie

Hello, Friday… I’m so happy to see you.

I hope y’all had a good week and are ready for a long weekend.  We government workers have a holiday on Monday.  I always enjoy an extra day off, and when it’s something like Veteran’s Day, I take a moment to send up a little prayer for all of our veterans and those who are currently serving our country.  It’s more than a weekend of shopping deals at the mall for me.  I challenge you to take the time when you’re out and about to thank a current or former service member.  They’re easy to spot.  And it feels so good to say thanks.

A Holiday Smoothie:
Check this out:
IMG_1674I was inspired by a recipe I came across in a Williams-Sonoma catalog.  You know how they always put a tantalizing recipe next to something they’re selling.  It’s usually some meat entree that looks totally greasy and unappetizing to me, but this time, right next to the Vitamixes was this Cranberry Orange Banana Smoothie.  I did a little tweaking, removing the yogurt and agave and substituting with ingredients that fit more in my dietstyle.  Click the picture above and check out the recipe.

I think it would be delicious served as a morning wakeup for holiday guests.  Or how about using frozen bananas and turning it into a sorbet of sorts.

Wrap Up:
I’ve been a little out of touch recently, but I am making my way back to the blogosphere and will try to be here a little more often and keep you updated with a new recipe as often as I can.  I am poring over a few new cookbooks and trying some new recipes as time and the taste testers will allow.

Do you have a new recipe you’ve tried recently that is so good that you feel you just have to share with everyone you meet?  If so, email me at  I love to try new dishes and love even more sharing them with the world!IMG_1672


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