Gratitude is an Attitude

The above words were spoken at church over the weekend and really touched me.  Imagine what the world would be if more people had an attitude of gratitude.

I don’t have a recipe for you today.  No great fitness advice.  Nothing to report in the exercise realm.  Just gratitude.  Yep.  That’s it.  Just one word.  Maybe it’s the time of year.  Perhaps it’s because the summer is officially over and things are slowing down.  Flies don’t move as quickly in the cold weather and, realistically, neither do I.  More time to spend thinking of the things I’m grateful for.  Everything from the gifts we have been given here on earth — the sunrises and sunsets — to the gift of health and the ability to be active.   I have the ability to worship and not be persecuted; to write this blog freely.  I have an amazing family and am grateful for the time I spend with them; blessed with an incredible son who has chosen to serve our country.  I am grateful for the fact that I can buy food each week to satisfy our bellies; sharing the abundance with those less fortunate.  The list goes on and on.  You probably have different things on YOUR list that you’re grateful for.


A number of years ago, probably when he was in about ninth or tenth grade, our son wrote a piece that, then, made me stop and think.  You know, kids are so innocent and have a sense of the way things should be.  If a 15- or 16-year old can have these thoughts, think of the love that would be shared if world leaders and others had similar sentiments.


I have a quick post today and I hope you don’t mind.  I want to leave you with these words:

I am grateful for the simply beautiful things given to me gratuitously… given by God, friends and complete strangers.  Be it a smile, a sweet sip of water, a friendly nod, or a piece of someone’s lunch on the days I forget mine at home on the kitchen table.

As days continue to show up on my doorstep, realization has come as well, and it is understood now, that I have nothing that is mine.  I am owed nothing, and everything, including the air I breathe, is a gift.

And if you are taking the time to read this, I thank you as well.  I hope that we as a people can interact, take time to write letters, make phone calls, smile at a stranger and most of all say “thank you.”

We are made to love, so let someone know that you appreciate their love.
~Alex Glaze

Have a great week & I wish you well.
Until Friday…



2 thoughts on “Gratitude is an Attitude

  1. I love this Jan-Marie! And I love that your son wrote this at such a young age. I hope my children will think this way as well. When I am feeling “negative”, I try to remember to sit down and write a gratitude list for everything that is good in my life. It really helps to turn my frown upside down 🙂 Thanks for such an uplifting post!

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