♪ ♫ Monday Monday ♫ ♪

♪ Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin’ all of the time ♫

That cold I was fighting all last week I think has grabbed on and is hanging on tightly to my sinuses! Yowza. That was weird. I was great Friday and Saturday and then Sunday decided to go on a shopping spree.  I guess that will teach me!

Wild Weekend Weather:
Wow! Fall came blustering in this weekend sort of like how Dorothy and Toto end up in Munchkinland.  Although there were no small, falsetto-speaking men peering through the bushes in my yard.  Well, maybe there were, but I wasn’t about to go out and check.

Chilly, windy, rainy weather usually prompts me to get in the mood for soups and baking. So I did just that and combined the two.  I made a huge pot of my favorite chili recipe.  It cooked all day long, filling the house with aromas of cumin and peppers.  It really hit the spot Sunday after the Seahawk win!  Accompanied with a huge salad and some veganized cornbread, I was stuffed afterwards, but not too stuffed for a warm, cozy apple dessert.  I will perfect the dessert a little bit over the next few weeks and get back to you with that one.  For now, I’ll share my cornbread muffin recipe.  Feast your eyes on these puppies:


Click the picture to get the recipe!

More Baking:

I’m sort of going in reverse here, but Sunday morning-ish I found myself longing for something warm and baked, like a pastry of sorts.  I came across this recipe by Dr. Fuhrman’s daughter, Talia Fuhrman, for Goji berry almond butter scones.  They were easy to mix up and bake and even easier to enjoy!  I might have had four too many, but knowing that they’re made of all healthy ingredients (no oil, sugar or salt) and are full of nutrients, made me feel a little better about my indulging.  I hope you’ll give them a try.  I think I’ll be putting them in my regular rotation of breakfast foods.  I think they’d even work as a dessert or a take-along to brunch or coffee with a friend.  If you haven’t ever read Talia’s blog, you might give it a chance.  She’s got a lot of good insight into a healthy, plant-based diet and she’s been eating healthy since she was in the womb!  She is the Eat to Live poster child, if you ask me.  Even if you’re not into her blog, try out some of her recipes.  She’s got some good ones!


Wrap Up:

Well, another week is upon us and I see busyness in my future.  I’m hoping to be feeling well enough to run another 5k Saturday.  I’ve decided to try to get one in each month to motivate me to keep training.  This week, however, it looks like my training will be indoors!

Until Friday…


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