Freaky Friday!

Happy Friday. I’m not sure why I titled this post as freaky, maybe I’m starting to get in the mood for Halloween? IDK.  Maybe this cold that I’ve been fighting off for the better part of the week has finally got me in its clutches.  Let’s hope not.  I’m feeding my body with nutrients (but not too many) in hopes to win the war on germs.


And speaking of germs… Not that I’m a super hyper germaphobe, but I do tend to wash my hands when I get home from work or the store, and I wash before eating, and anytime I’ve been out and about in my building… okay, I’m beginning to sound like a true germaphobe now, huh?  Along those lines, I read an article recently online about different objects that were tested and contained high levels of germs, including e-coli (ick!).  I wasn’t surprised, actually.  Condiment dispensers.  You know, squeeze some ketchup from the table-top bottle onto your (veggie) burger and then pick up said burger and munch away, all while ingesting lots of little bugs.  How about the lemon slice that you ask to be added to your water? Ewwww!  And when was the last time your favorite restaurant wiped down their menus? Hmmm… Then there’s the ones we commonly think of… bathroom door handles, soap dispensers (but we’re washing our hands, right, so why worry?) shopping carts, airplanes, the doctor’s office.  Now, have you thought about this one — how about the utensils at the salad bar or the Mongolian grill?  How many people have gone before you?  Another reason to carry a little hand sanitizer wherever you go!  I once observed a lady at a salad bar put a little dab of dressing on her plate, dunk her finger in for a taste, and then, using the same hand, continue to load up her salad.  No, thanks.  I’ll pass on the rest of the buffet from here on out!


Eating at home has so many benefits, one of which is avoiding germs apparently.  But, really, the real reason is to eat as healthfully as you can.  Avoiding oils, sugars, and salt is important when having a scrumptious meal and sometimes that is tough when you’re eating out.  I try to reproduce some of my favorite meals in the Glaze Family Test Kitchen.  I think I hit this one pretty well.

First, I made a salad from different cabbages, a shredded carrot and some green & red pepper and then mixed in the dressing.  I topped it with some cilantro & toasted sesame seeds.



I had a creamy sesame ginger salad dressing at Whole Foods.  It’s made by Health Starts Here, which consulted with Dr. Fuhrman when it came to healthy, nutritionally dense recipes.  I really liked the dressing, looked at the ingredient label and made up my own at home.  I suggest adding onion to your salad (we can’t eat onions in our house) or adding in a scallion or two to the dressing for a little extra pop.  But this satisfied my desire for a good Asian slaw-type salad.  Enjoy!

Wrap Up:
This was sort of a weird week.  Alex and Doug took off Monday for Colorado & Doug arrived back on Thursday, leaving Alex to find his way to his new home and make himself comfortable there — as comfortable as you can be in an Army barracks.  I took this picture the night before he left.


And then the morning he left:


I think he’d had enough of smiling for the camera by the time Monday came around and this is what I got of him while he was preparing to hit the road.

I have begun to think about a trip south for a visit, but in the meantime, I’ve got some bottles of hand sanitizer to fill!  Have a great weekend and I’ll be back here on Monday.  Who knows… there just might be a new pumpkin recipe for you.


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