A Colorful Weekend and Dinner Guests

Ah-ha!  It’s Monday.  Fall blew in like a storm this weekend. Wow!  Sunday was one of those days that is best spent inside just hanging out.  Maybe a little housework.  Some time in the kitchen.  Maybe even curled up with something warm and watching football.  (Nahhh, no football for me.)

It was a rainbow of a day!

Saturday my girlfriend and I, along with my son, ran the Tacoma Color Run 5k.  Woo-hoo!  We had so much fun.  Alex came in 4th over all.  Even though there’s no timing involved and it’s not a race, with today’s technology, you kinda know how you do.  It was a good run with lots of color in the air.  Julie & I didn’t get too colored up and all we had were before pictures.  I think you get the idea, though.

IMG_1601 IMG_1607

So what do you serve for dinner when SAD eaters are coming?  Let me explain.  SAD stands for “Standard American Diet.”  Some people refer to it as MAD, or “Modern American Diet.”  Either way, it’s the typical diet that most people eat, not the weird, whack-o whole-foods, plant-based diet like we eat.  Anyway, what do you fix?  You don’t want to divert too much from your own dietstyle but you want your guests to be happy and fulfilled when they leave the table.  I usually rely on my TexMex heritage (insert laughter) and serve a taco bar.  So that’s what I did.  My dad and his wife came for dinner, as well as our “other son” for a last hurrah before Alex left.  I did saute some chicken breasts for the meat eaters, and there was a sighting of cheese on the buffet.  For those plant eaters, I made up some lentils worthy of stuffing into corn tortillas.  We had a few leftovers, but that’s only because I always make too much food.  Everybody seemed happy and satisfied.  Even the Nectarine & Plum Crumble was a hit!

Aren’t these the faces of happy eaters?

IMG_1611 IMG_1616

A good time was had by all and the goodbye wasn’t too tearful.

This morning I said my “see ya later” as Alex and H³ squeezed themselves into the little Subaru, aptly named the “half-a-ru” because it’s much smaller than mine, and headed southeast to Colorado!  I’m so excited for Alex’s next adventure that it was hard to be sad.  I just hope that he’s careful, safe, responsible, kind, humble, prays, eats well, gets enough sleep, remembers to call, and always wears clean underwear!  I’m sure the fact that he will be gone for nearly five years will hit me later… oh, say, around Christmastime!


So there you have it, my weekend boiled down to just a few paragraphs.  I hope you have a good week and I’ll be back here on Friday with a recipe that I think you’ll be pleased with (maybe even two).  Don’t forget to check it out!  Until then, you can find me over on Facebook on the Healthy Vegan Challenge.  Stop in and check us out.


2 thoughts on “A Colorful Weekend and Dinner Guests

  1. LOL…we were invited over to a friend’s house Sat for dinner, she wanted to accommodate us and I suggested the taco bar with lentil tacos, too! And, as you know from FB, did Carrie’s Peach Crumble, they were still talking about it Sunday.

    • Debra, that’s great. I love introducing people to healthy, tasty foods. Sometimes they’re amazed that it can be so flavorful and filling. We don’t just eat carrots and celery.

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