Friday Fun Fact #15

Happy Friday Morning to you all! I know, I know.  I’ve been out of commission for a bit, but I assure you, I’m back. You can count on a post a couple of times a week from me, including a Friday Fun Fact and at least one new recipe. Welcome to my new readers and thank you to my trusted friends who are hanging in there.

Quick recap of the week:

So this week was one of the craziest I’ve had in a long time.  I am wrapping up three weeks of being off from work.  Two were spent lazing around the house, enjoying the sun, getting some things done, and spending some time in the Glaze Family Test Kitchen.  Three full days this week were spent in the beautiful state of Missouri.  Now, some people refer to it as “Misery,” but I found the area we were in (driving from St. Louis to St. Robert) to be quite green and lush. The sunrises and sunsets were beautiful.  Besides the fact that it is very flat and they have these ohmygosh loud bugs that sound like electrical currents are coming to zap me, it’s a nice place. What were we doing so far away from the beautiful — and this week, very rainy — Pacific Northwest?  We were attending our son’s graduation from Army AIT. It was a moment we had been looking forward to for five months.  He will actually tell you it’s been 144 days, but who is counting, right?  He left for Ft. Leonard Wood on April 13th for his Basic Training and then continued on in the Military Police School there.  There was no intervening graduation, so his final Hooah! was September 5th.  It was a long haul and we are proud of him.  He is back home with us for a couple of weeks, thanks to the Army placing him as what they call “hometown recruiter” and then we will say goodbye once again when he leaves for his permanent Duty Station in Colorado.  For a guy who is a hiker, backpacker and all-around outdoorsy guy, he couldn’t have gotten a better place to call home for the next few years.

Here’s a few pictures that I just had to share:


First Day of Kindergarten


First Day of New Career

alex grad w mom

Proud Momma!

Friday Fun Fact:
I am really stretching here on what Friday Fun Fact to share with you.  I was thinking about mumbling about what it’s like to now have a 20-year-old soldier living in my house for a couple of weeks and what that is doing to me emotionally (We moms never let go of “mothering”) but I figured that’s just a bunch of hoo-haw that nobody wants to hear.  So I’m going to share a little recipe with you.  And it’s a dessert recipe, AGAIN!

Traditional desserts are, obviously, sweetened with processed sugar not to mention all of the other things such as dairy milk, cream, and processed flour that are in things like ice cream and cake that we Nutritarians avoid.  But we like to have our sweet treat after a meal like anybody else.  Mostly, I try (and I really do try) to just have a piece of fruit for dessert, but many times, especially during the summer months, I like something cool.  Oh, okay… I’ll admit it, I’m a dessert junky. In the wintertime, I like something like a cobbler or a crisp.  So it looks like my “try” to have a piece of fruit is a veiled way of saying I eat dessert after dinner most nights! 😀

If we don’t use processed sugar, what do Nutritarians use as a sweetener? Dates, of course! They work wonders in all ways, either chopped in cakes, or blended with frozen bananas in frozen treats.  But look at this great product I found.

IMG_1493It is date caramel, and it is yummy! You can find it at some specialty “health food” stores.  I happened upon this little beauty in an amazing store in Chelan, Washington, but you can also buy it online from the Date Lady herself!  One of the ingredients was “organic caramel” and, to me, caramel screams sugar and I couldn’t quite figure out how it was done so I sent an email to the company and within just a few minutes I had an email back indicating that the caramel is made only with dates, water and “natural flavoring” which is basically vanilla. So I’m sold on the stuff.  It’s great in my once-every-so-often cup of Teeccino, coating almonds and roasted in the oven, and even in vanilla Ice “Dream” with pecans to make a very yummy, rich dessert.

Dates are a good replacement for sugar as they are a whole, plant food and have lots of fiber.  Because they are a dried fruit and have condensed calories (meaning high calorie for each serving at 120 calories for two ), you probably want to limit your consumption and not sit down with an entire container of the little buggers (we affectionately call them cockroaches) and munch away mindlessly while you’re watching a movie.

And slap me now, but somehow the photo I took of my very tasty, delectable dessert was poofed right from the SD card and, well, you know what happened… I ate it all before I realized I didn’t have the photo.  And I really want to get this recipe out to you, so you can find the recipe here and I’ll update the recipe page with a photo when I make it again… which may be real soon since having my man-boy home means I’ll be making some good chow for him.

Wrap Up:
Well, there you have it, folks! That’s my week in review. My post was a bit longer than I expected, but I did have a little bit more to share than I thought. Have a great weekend & make it a healthy one.  For those of you who live up here in Washington, fear not… the sun will return!


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