Musings for a Monday & a Pancake Recipe

Happy Monday (well, it’s probably Tuesday by the time you read this).  It’s the first day of my vacation and time got away from me so I’m a little tardy.  But do not fear, I am here!

Monday Musing:

Because I’m on vacation for a few weeks, the Glaze Family Test Kitchen is fully operational, perhaps much to the chagrin of Handsome Healthy Hubby. 🙂  He’s my test subject when it comes to something new.  Over the weekend, it was these tasty pancakes that delighted him.  You can click the picture for the recipe.


Banana Pancakes with Peach sauce

Sunday I had a hankerin’ for kale, and this kale salad satisfied my craving:


kale salad with creamy dill dressing

Then on Monday for a little pre-dinner snack, I served up some yummy black bean dip.  It was a hit.


“Cheezy” bean dip

You’ll have to wait for the other two recipes.  I promise to post them real soon. Promise.  Really.  I will.

You know how it is when you’re on a stay-cation and you start making lists of things you want to do, then you think about how long you’ll be home (over 2 weeks for me) and you start procrastinating?  Okay, well, maybe not everybody does that, but I am a self-proclaimed Princess of Procrastination.  Somewhere along the road of life I earned a Doctorate in Delay.  I keep adding things to my list and nothing is being crossed off.  Some of them are little things (like checking out a new produce stand in the area) and others are bigger tasks (do I really have to work on my vacation? I guess so).  Some are just wishful things (going to an interior decorating store I’ve been dreaming about for months) and others are required that I do (did I mention work?)  It’s okay. I work well under pressure.  So next week, just before I’m getting ready to zip off to Missouri to see my Army soldier, I’ll be up till the wee hours getting everything done.

I am excited to say, though, that H³ and I were able to get out to a couple of showrooms today and pick out cabinets and counter tops for all three of our bathrooms.  It’s time to replace the 1980s cabinetry with new “stuff.”  We’ve got it picked out, but we’ll wait to have the job done until October. I am happy that we got the hard part checked off the mental list.

Being on vacation can really cause the creative juices to flow.  I don’t want this stay-cation to turn into two weeks of lazy doldrums, so I decided to change it up a bit.  I will be accompanying that Handsome Healthy Hubby of mine to his Mix Fit workout.  Mix Fit is sort of like CrossFit, but different — don’t ask me how it’s different because I’d never done either one until today.  O. M. G.  If you happen to see any spare legs laying around, they’re probably mine.  My hip joints feel as if my legs are going to pop out of the socket.  Now, mind you, I work out between 5 and 7 days a week and I consider myself to be in fairly decent shape.  But when you run for a minute on a truck tire that is so big your legs can hardly span it, you quickly realize how not-in-shape you are.  And it was a minutes three times, with other stuff in between.  Sound easy?  Notsomuch!  So I describe the after effects to feel somewhat like a Barbie doll leg that has come disjointed from the body and is hanging on, only being supported by the pants that she is wearing.  I plan on subjecting myself to this torture incredible workout Wednesday and Friday of this week, so I will report back on Friday how it is going.

A 5k is in my plans for Saturday.  I hope I can still run by then!  Check out the tutu I made:


That ought to keep me running, huh?! Nobody wants to be the tutu lady seen walking or dragging at the end of the pack!  It’s the first time I will run a 5k.  I say I can only get better, right?

Wrap Up:

Well, that’s it for me for Monday.  Again, I apologize for getting this post done so late, but I was practicing my procrastination and it backfired!  I hope you have a terrific week.  I’ll see you back here on Friday with an update of my MixFit workouts.  Who knows, maybe I’ll make a surprise appearance midweek (oh, I guess it won’t be a surprise, now huh?!).


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