Friday Fun Fact #13

Oh my goodness! I can hardly contain myself.  In just a few short hours I will be on vacation!  Or should I say “stay-cation?” We aren’t going anywhere for the first two weeks and the third week y’all know where I’m heading, right?  Yep! MISERY as my husband likes to call it.  We are going to Alex’s graduation in Missouri!  I can’t wait.  I’m wondering if it’s possible for a soldier’s mama to embarrass said soldier by huggin’ on him too much.  I’m sure I’m not going to be the only one squeezing the heck out of their kid.  But I guess I do have to share with Handsome Healthy Hubby and with Miss Cutie Girlfriend.  I will save my childish hugs for when we get home.   See, I can say all this stuff here without fear that he’ll hide from me then because I know he doesn’t have internet access.  I can totally catch him off guard once he’s in the safety of our house.  He’ll never see me coming! (enter maniacal laugh here)

Friday Fun Fact:

So I was thinking about some trivia to share with you today.  Was I going to go on and on about my new exercise routine for crunch time preparation for a 5k?  No, I don’t think so.

How about the great podcast I listened to today that was an interview with vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke?  Nahhh.  I kind of spaced out during some of it, so I didn’t get as much information as I could have. (But I will share this cool “summit” thing that I’m enjoying).

I know! Let’s talk about what it takes to be successful at what we call a Nutritarian lifestyle.  I think I’ve touched on it before, but I get so many questions from people interested in adopting this type of diet-style.  It is rather overwhelming at first and I sort of wish I had somebody to bounce questions off of when I first started cuz I had a ton of them.  I felt like a pre-schooler asking “why” to everything.  These are things that have worked for me and my family.  Here goes:

  • Read a book on plant-based or whole foods diets (Remember, it’s not a diet, but rather a lifestyle).  I recommend Eat to Live, Eat for Health, Forks over Knives, Unprocessed, Engine 2 Diet

Each of the doctors that support this dietstyle all have similar philosophies with their own individual take on it. Some eat potatoes, some don’t; grains, no grains; a little animal protein, no animal protein.  You’ve got to choose what works best for you.

  • Journal everything that goes into your mouth for a couple of weeks when you first start

You may want to continue this exercise well into your journey to new health. It’s a great way to track exercise and medical issues, too.

  • Get rid of foods in your house that aren’t on “the plan”

Trust me, if you have food that you should be avoiding in the house, you’re going to eat them.  Save treats for outside of the house.  You’re less likely to eat a candy bar, chips or ice cream if you have to get in your car and drive 10 minutes to get it.

  • Cook large pots of beans and freeze them in 2 cup quantities

I happen to have an electric pressure cooker that makes the process much quicker.  30 minutes start to finish from dry, no soaking required.  I keep a variety in the freezer for different uses

  • Once a week make a large pot of soup for the week

I don’t always have soup in the fridge, but there’s probably three different types in my freezer right now!

  • Shop the perimeter of the store

This is a must.  I spend 80% of my shopping trip in the produce and bulk foods section.

  • Buy enough veggies for the week, but don’t overbuy. You will probably run out, but it’s better to make a mid-week run than have rotten produce

A lot of cities have Farmer’s Markets now during the week.  Run out on your lunch break near your work and grab some more greens if you need them.  If you’ve got produce that’s going south, cook it up or throw it in a pot with beans, broth and you’ve got instant soup!

  • Cut up fresh veggies and store in baggies or containers for quick snacks

This works great for the kids.  Also makes for quick lunches on the go when you know you’ll be running errands all day and might get hungry while you’re out.  It will help you avoid the drive-through.

  • Make (or buy) oil-free hummus once a week

You can check out my recipes here.

  • Buy and wash greens and store for the week

Just wash them, roll them between towels to remove the moisture and store.  You can either store them wrapped in the towel (no joke) or, without chopping them, lay them in those big plastic containers that spinach comes in.

  • You can make smoothies the night before so you don’t wake people with the noisy blender

The sound of the Vitamix just doesn’t appeal to me in the morning most days.  I prefer to make mine at night and refrigerate it until the morning.  It’s nice and cold that way.  You’ll want to consume your tasty Shrek juice within 24 hours.  After that, the smoothies start to lose their nutritional value.

  • Soaking oats in pomegranate juice or nut milk overnight makes for an easy, filling breakfast

This is one of my favorite breakfasts.  You can check out one recipe here.  I have this a few times a week… when I’m not eating banana roll-ups, which is just a banana and a schmear of almond butter and raisins rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla.  Easy to handle on the run or in the car for the commute.

  • Bean patties store great in the freezer.

Make up a double batch of these and use them on the nights when life is hectic and there’s no time to spend in the kitchen.  A few minutes in the microwave and served with a giant salad.  It’s just as quick as ordering pizza.

  • Eat only when hungry.  You can read more about that hereYou so do not want to be responding to toxic hunger.

I’m sure there are tons of things I didn’t cover.  If you have a question that you’re dying to ask, go ahead and post it in the comments section and I’ll happily reply.   Or if you’re a long-time “Nute,” feel free to add your own hints.  We can all use some help to make this easy!

Wrap Up:

I hope you’ve got fun plans for the weekend.  I’ve not got anything planned.  Rain is in the forecast and I’m not so sure hiking will be optimal in the rain.  It may have to hold off until a free day during the week.  Since I’ll be slumming it for a couple of weeks, it might be nice to have a mid-week outing.  Well, as a cute little pig used to say, “Th- th- th-… That’s all, folks!”


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