Weekend re-cap & what I cooked up

Hello, you!  And hello, Monday.  We might as well face it head-on.  Monday is here and we can’t do anything about it.  Was your weekend quiet and refreshing?  Were you busy and running errands?  I was a stay-at-home Nutritarian this weekend.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen on Saturday.  There was no hike as we had a prediction of thunderstorms, and quite frankly being out in the wilderness in thunder and lightning is just a little too scary for me.  It turns out we probably would have been okay, but — ya know, sooner or later dishes need to be washed and toilets need to be scrubbed, so I was productive at home.  I did get in a quick walk Sunday night, so all is not lost.

What I cooked:

So it seems like for the last couple of weeks my meal planning creativity has gone down the tubes and with the eat-only-when-hungry practice that we have taken to in our house, dinners have been sort of blah.  What happened to the great motivation I had when I came back from San Diego after eating all that yummy food?  I was trying out a new dish almost daily!  Oh, yeah. I was on vacation from work and had the time to make a mess AND clean it up all in one night. Like I said, Saturday was a day spent washing, chopping, stirring, and cooking.  Here’s what I made. You can click on each photo to be taken to the recipe. Ain’t that easy?


Black Bean Burgers


Quick & Creamy Vegetable Soup


Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie


Taco Salad

I also made a walnut-cauliflower “meat” that will be used for a thick and hearty pasta sauce for later in the week.  I will report back on how that turned out and post the recipe then.  For breakfast one morning I heated up some apples, currants and blackberries and tossed them with walnuts, flax and cinnamon for a wonderful get-you-going sort of meal.  It made a great topper for Handsome Healthy Hubby’s oatmeal.  Even though he likes his oatmeal plain, he thought it was a nice addition.  Sorry, no pictures for either of those dishes. Oh, and another one — Wow, I guess I was busy — was a kale salad with a creamy avocado dressing.  It was very good.  I will tweak the salad ingredients and post that recipe too.  It looks like I’ll be having another full day in the Glaze Family Test Kitchen again real soon.  That’s okay.  Being in the kitchen is very therapeutic for me.

No sugar:

Friday evening H³ and I went for Thai food.  I was having a hankerin’ for one of my favorite Thai dishes, fresh spring rolls.  Now, the rolls are fine by themselves, but it’s that dipping sauce.  I totally forgot how much sugar they put in the two varieties that this particular restaurant serves.  Yowza!  So after my commitment to no sugar, I blew it right off the bat.  I was a little upset with myself, but I justify it with playing the ignorance card.  But you know what the cool thing is with this diet-style?  There’s always the next meal to make amends with yourself.  If you slip up, jump right back up and get going with your goals.  That’s what I did. The rest of the weekend was clean eating.  Do we count the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie?  Heck, no!  It is sweetened with dates, and I have not found that dried fruit is a problem for me.  I can take it or leave it.  So to have one slice of pie after dinner is such a treat.  I hope you’ll try the pie.  It’s friend and fellow blogger, Carrie on Vegan’s recipe.  She said I could post it.  While we’re speaking of Carrie, why don’t you just hop right on over to her blog here.

I surprised myself:

You know what else I did this weekend?  I registered for my very first 5k! Eeek!  I’ve walked them before, but I’ve never run one.  I have a little under two weeks to get prepared.  Do you think it’s too late? ha ha! I can do it. I know I can, I know I can.  I figured if I never registered it wasn’t going to happen.  I feel like I’m ready and for the next two weeks will run at least three times a week to fully prepare.  If nothing else, I can always wimp out and walk. 😀

Wrap Up:

Well, it’s my last week of work before my vacation!  Summers are always so busy so it’s nice to have time off both at the beginning and end.  I am looking forward to seeing Alex.  We had a great talk on the phone Sunday and he is doing well, anxious to be finished and move along in this chapter of his life.  He is also excited to come home for a couple of weeks and do some things he hasn’t done for a while… like sleep, hike & eat some “real food” as he calls my cooking.  Wow! I am honored.

Anyway, enjoy your week.  Will you try a new recipe this week?  What will it be?  I will see you back here Friday.  I’d better get working on digging up a Fun Fact!


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