Breakfast talk & Pizza too!

Goooooood Morning!

What did you do this weekend?  Sometimes I feel like my Monday posts are sort of like those third-grade writing assignments upon returning after three sunny months off.  “What I did on my summer vacation.”  If that were the case today, I’d have to either be really creative and make something up or turn in a half-filled sheet of paper.  Not that my weekend was lacking things to do, I just didn’t get out and do anything too out of the ordinary.  The Glaze Family Test Kitchen was open for a little bit, but I do have to say that I didn’t cook too much.  We sort of just ate what we wanted when we were hungry.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be as a Nutritarian anyway?  You can read about what it means to be truly hungry here.

What’s for Breakfast?

What are you eating for breakfast these days?  On chilly mornings I long for something warm, and that usually comes down to an argument with myself:  Oatmeal or toast with almond butter.  And there I go back and forth.  I’ve experimented with other warm options like water sauteed vegetables; though tasty, it just doesn’t have the staying power like toast and almond butter does.  I’ve also thought about a breakfast soup.  I will have to work on that one as here in the Pacific NW it won’t be too long and our mornings will call out for something warm nearly every day.  For now I will stick with fruit, fruit and more fruit.  Sometimes fruit goes on top of the oatmeal, but check out this yummy dish I had just this morning!


Yep, it’s a breakfast salad of sorts.  Underneath all that fruit is a schmear of almond butter.  I made two of these, one for H³ and one for me.  I topped mine with some oh, so tasty lemon poppy seed cream that I had left over from Saturday’s breakfast.  The salad used a butter lettuce leaf.  I don’t use too much butter lettuce, but I dropped in at a local stand over the weekend and got quite a variety of different greens all for just $0.33 a head! I guess that’s what you pay when you’re buying direct from the grower, huh?  Straight from the farm to the stand.  It’s so good… crisp & fresh!

Saturday’s breakfast was good too.

IMG_1449Steel cut oats topped with freshly-picked blueberries and lemon poppy seed cream.  H³ prefers his oatmeal unadulterated, so he skipped the cream.  I think he totally missed out.  When you combine all three (the oats, blueberries and cream) you get a flavor sensation similar to lemon blueberry muffins — just without all the trouble of mixing ingredients and waiting for them to bake.

This very filling breakfast got me going after a five-mile walk with Handsome Healthy Hubby and ready for the next round… a six-mile walk around a local lake with a good friend.  We do that every once in a while to catch up on what’s going on in each others lives.  We used to meet for coffee and gab for hours.  Now we have a healthier choice!

Did somebody say PIZZA?

Yes, I did mention pizza in the heading.  Check this out:


What a wonderful alternative to pizzeria pizza.  Yeah, I used to like that goopy, greasy pizza.  Even if it was just vegetables, I longed for the salty, ooey-gooey cheese.  Not anymore.  This was served at the Fuhrman Health Getaway in San Diego (yes, I’m still talking about that!).  You roast the vegetables in the oven for about 30 minutes.  No oil is used in roasting, just a little bit of balsamic vinegar and seasoning.  I made my own pizza sauce by mixing no-salt tomato sauce, Italian seasoning and fresh garlic.  The simple crust is a whole wheat tortilla.  Using the roasted vegetables cuts down on the baking time of the pizza and keeps the leaking of moisture onto the “crust” to a minimum.  I thought it was a hit.  Next time, we’ll try different veggies… maybe just mushrooms, peppers and a few olives and top it with freshly sliced tomatoes as it comes out of the oven.  For the recipe, click on the picture.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Just a note: The recipe calls for non-dairy cheese.  My favorite is the Daiya brand.  It’s not something I would eat every day, but for the once-in-a-while treat like this pizza, I think it’s fine.  I hope you’ll give this one a try.  You may never go back to the old stuff.

Wrap Up:

Well, all in all the weekend was great.  I did go blueberry picking… twice.  I just want you to know I took my camera when I went with my bestie, but… I didn’t have the memory card! Duh! No pictures of us having fun.  In all, between the two days I got a little over 12 pounds.  The farm will only be open for one more weekend.  Maybe I’ll get out there one more time.  I feel like a hoarder — like I can’t get enough berries in the freezer.  I must come to realize it will okay to buy them frozen off-season at the grocery store <gasp!>.  It’s okay, but they’re not as good.

I hope you have a terrific week.  I’m off to have a couple of old fillings replaced. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?  The week can only get better from here!


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