Friday Fun Fact #11


You know, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to blog about until I sit down at the computer and look through the pictures I’ve taken over the past few days.  Other times, I’ve thought all week long about what great tidbits of life I’m going to share.  And if I’m lucky, I’ve written down those thoughts.  I swear, the older I get, the less I remember.  I wonder why that is?  I stay active, eat well, and keep my mind busy.  I think, though, that it has a little bit to do with my job.  I hear so many words (fact & fiction) over the course of the day that I don’t need to remember.  My brain just goes on auto pilot.  I wonder if that’s what happens in my everyday life too.  I have thoughts, I read something, or talk to somebody and later — sometimes the same day —  I don’t remember what it was that I talked about with my friend or read in the news or thought I should do during my lunch break.  It drives me absolutely freaking nuts!  But I digress.

What are we talking about today?

Fridays are supposed to be Fun Fact days, right?  It’s where I share a little fact about nutrition or exercise.  You can read about some of my past Fun Facts here and here.

Here goes this week’s fun fact.  I saw something on the TV monitor at the gym this morning (yes! I went back to the gym this week… more on that later).  It said something like this:  “People who eat more colorful foods eat less; the blander the colors, the more you eat.”  Really? I say.  Because I eat a TON of food and it’s quite colorful.  As a matter of fact, I had my “color quotient” checked at the Dr. Fuhrman getaway and it was nearly in the ideal range with a score of 65,000.  What is a color quotient?  Well, that’s my made-up word for a scan done to check the levels of carotenoids in your skin, giving you an indication of the amount of anti-oxidants in your body.  Carotenoids are found in fruits and vegetables — very colorful foods — and contain anti-oxidants.  Some carotenoids you may recognize are beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein.  So, you see, if you eat a colorful plate of food you’ll get more carotenoids and your scan score goes up.  My point is that the quantity of the food I eat is quite large and it is very colorful so the statement that I read today on the monitor doesn’t apply to us nutritarian folks.

I’m not sure what the connection is between the color of the food and how much you eat.  Actually, I’m not really sure who the “study” was backed by or if there is any validity to it.  I’m just saying that it doesn’t apply to me.  Kind of like how the “use a smaller plate” theory is supposed to get you to eat smaller portions.  Helllloooo!  I’ll just go back for seconds and thirds!  You can’t use psycho-techniques on me!  Nope. Not gonna work.  I’m going to eat as much as I want / need.  I mean, take a look at this dinner I had on Taco Tuesday just this week.  It was gigantic!

IMG_1447I’ve said a gazillion times how much I love TexMex food and how it’s my go-to meal, but I don’t think I’ve ever listed a recipe or the seasonings that I use.  I’ll do that here.  Just click on the photo and you’ll be taken to the recipe page.  Use as much of the spices as you prefer to satisfy your taste buds.  I made Taco Tuesday into Taco Salad Tuesday, but sometimes I do go a little crazy and have fresh corn tortillas to make little soft tacos, but more often than not we just make taco salads.  We switch up the beans, too.  Lentils, black beans, pintos.  They all work well.  I happen to really like Carrie’s cheese sauce recipe and it’s so easy.  You can find it here.  Though the recipe calls for saffron, I make it all the time without that ingredient and it tastes just as good.  I haven’t had cheese in quite a while, and to me, this sauce satisfies just fine. Enjoy!

Weekly Wrap Up:

The weather here in the Pacific NW has been unbelievable!  I love it when it gets into the high 70s and low 80s.  It’s a great time for early morning or evening walks, treks to the farmers’ markets, a hike in the mountains and berry pickin’!  Yes, the blueberries are ripening and the fields are open for picking.  My friend told me about a park near us that is open and has 3,300 blueberry plants.  So H³ and I embarked on a little journey this week to see what we could find.  Oh, yeah, baby!  There’s berries all right.  (did I mention free?)  Of course, this isn’t my own private park, and there are many who have gone before me.  But still, we picked about six pounds of those little bursts of tastiness.  You can read about the health benefits of blueberries here in a post from a month or so ago.  Having six pounds is good, but not quite what I’d like to get.  Tonight after work a friend and I are going to a local blueberry farm.   At this location, you do have to pay for the berries you pick (not the ones you eat, though!) but I think we’ll get a lot more much quicker and since we are having dinner afterwards, we’ll want to get a good quantity in a short amount of time.  I’ll post pictures next week of our haul along with whatever it is I end up doing this weekend!  I’ll try to make it entertaining for you.

Have a great weekend & make it healthy!

Toodles ~


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