Patience is a virtue

Happy Monday, y’all!

I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was rather uneventful, but that’s okay sometimes.  I didn’t make it out on my bike, nor did I go hiking.  A day at home is always good.  I got a lot of things done that I’d been needing to do for a while.  I mean, it has been a year since my son was attending college and we still had a box of textbooks and notebooks kicking around.  Anybody need a college psych book?  Or how about one on anthropology?  Not something I’ll be reading on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  He will be coming in 46 days (not that I’m counting), just for a couple of days before he heads off to his permanent duty station in Colorado.  Do I have any readers in Colorado Springs that might like to cook for the kid?  Just kidding.  He likes to try new things and actually has a “taste” for flavors that blend well.  I remember a road trip he and I took a few years back and he made the most amazing chutney with bananas and pineapple, cumin & chili powder.  Back then I was eating meat and we spooned it over our pan-seared chicken breast.  I bet it would go well with portobello mushrooms.

Speaking of Mushrooms:

After many failures experiments in the kitchen Sunday — which I’ll get to in a bit — I was nearly ready to call for pizza delivery (JUST KIDDING, calm down) and thought I’d give one more recipe a go.  The end result was quite delicious.  Of course, because of my failed attempts at a couple of other things, I wasn’t really into attempting my own meal and wanted something a little different, so I tried a Dr. Fuhrman recipe.  This one was simple, took about 10 minutes from kitchen to table and voila! Dinner was served.


And this meal is chock full of nutrients.  If you can’t see it well in the picture, there’s portobello mushrooms, beans, and tomatoes flavored with a little bit of red wine.  Add a side of steamed kale and you’ve got it!  I contemplated just tossing the kale in the pot with the rest of the veggies, but decided to keep them separated for esthetic purposes.  You can click on the picture to be taken to the recipe page.  Don’t you love it when someone else tries out a recipe and gives you feedback before you try it, not knowing whether it will be a flop?  I dislike very much wasting food, so I hope I’m being somewhat of a service opening up the Glaze Family Test kitchen once in a while.

One near failure was a granola bar that didn’t really turn out the way I’d had them before.  I’m not really sure why.  They taste fine, they just don’t have the density that I remember.  Maybe the banana that I used wasn’t quite ripe enough so the sugars didn’t release to hold the granola together.  I’ll use it as a cereal topper for my breakfast tomorrow.  It wasn’t a complete fail.

I told you patience was a virtue:

Aren’t you glad you waited and read this far to see what the heading was referring to?  Okay, so I tried a dessert recipe (of course) off my friend Carrie’s blog.  On Fridays, Carrie on Vegan has a little linkup where she shares lots of different healthy recipes from many different blogs.  There was one that just screamed to me that I needed to make RIGHT AWAY! I mean, look at these things:


Click pic to be taken to Sweetly Raw page

So you know that I had given up chocolate because I thought it was causing me some tummy problems.  Never mind that chocolate is usually accompanied with sugar and sweeteners which I also had taken out a restraining order against.  Well, I rescinded my order against chocolate late last week and boy, am I glad!  I started off making this delectable dessert about 10 a.m. Sunday.  The recipe says to refrigerate them 8 to 10 hours.  Well, two o’clock comes around and I’m thinking I’ll give them a try.  Cutting them wasn’t really a disaster, but the crust sort of crumbled and was worthless.  I thought I was going to have a pan of chocolate chew and what on earth would I do with it?  I disappointingly returned the pan to the refrigerator.  After dinner I made a cup of tea and needed something to go with it.  What better goes with orange dandelion tea than chewy chocolate squares, right?  I sliced in, served a couple up and they held together quite nicely.  This is were I say patience is a virtue.  When the recipe says to wait 8 to 10 hours for them to chill, they’re not joking.  So, if you make them, be patient.  They’ll turn out good in the end.  Here’s a sad picture of mine:


I forgot to top them with the coconut and added chocolate, but they didn’t need it.  They’re so rich as they are.  These would be great to serve to your friends who don’t eat quite as healthfully as you do.  They’ll never know all the healthy ingredients that are in them!  (Unless you tell)

Something New:

I just wanted to share with you something.  I’ve become a Dr. Fuhrman affiliate.  What does that mean?  See that link over in the sidebar with the Eat to Live book?  If you click on there and make a purchase from his website, I earn a little commission.  And see the coupon code there?  Yeah, click on that one and enter the code at checkout and receive $10 off your purchase of $100 or more.  You might have to scroll up a little bit for it to come into view.  It’s an honor and privilege to be accepted as an affiliate of his company.  I truly believe that the Eat to Live way of life is best for me.  I have seen it change the lives of many people.

Wrap Up:

Well, I hope your week is as good as can be.  Don’t work too hard.  And for all you teachers out there… enjoy your summer vacation!  It goes quickly.  I will see you back here Friday.  I’m still working on that Thai salad dressing.


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