♫ Monday Monday ♫

♪ so good to me ♪

Oh, sorry!  You caught me in a moment.

How are you?  Did you have a long weekend?  It’s Monday (as if you couldn’t guess) and it’s back to work for me after having two WEEKS off.  Oh, my goodness did I have a good time.  I relaxed, played, traveled, cooked, cleaned, organized and relaxed some more.  It was a splendid couple of weeks.  If you’d like to read about my travels, you can do that here, where I talk about my trip to San Diego to spend seven days with Dr. Fuhrman and his group learning more about my Nutritarian lifestyle and how to get the most out of it!

Today is the first day of the next Healthy Vegan Challenge over on Facebook.  You can join here.  I started off with a bang this morning and ran about 3.5 of the 4.25 miles of one of our walking loops.  That’s the furthest I’ve ever run.  I think I’m ready for a 5k!  It’s amazing how you don’t notice all the little hills when you walk, but when you run, even the slightest incline feels like


Reflection Lake, Mt. Rainier
photo courtesy of Doug Glaze

Really, though, it felt very invigorating to be running side by side with my wonderful husband.  Tomorrow is a walking day, but maybe Wednesday I’ll take him on in a little challenge 🙂

A little mumbling:

So I’ve been eating and living the Nutritarian life for about two years now (my true anniversary is July 17, 2011.  I was dabbling for a few weeks before that, but the 17th is the day I identify with the most.)  I have learned so much over the last two years and changed so much.  It’s almost embarrassing to think of the way I used to eat.  And to think that we were eating healthfully. Ha!

As I was thinking of what to write about today, over the weekend I asked H³ (Handsome Healthy Hubby) what is the one thing that would help someone who is making the change to this type of diet-style.  He said to have all of their meals prepared for them!  I assure you, that would guarantee success.  Having spent those days at the Getaway with all of my meals prepared for me was golden.  There was no coffee in our rooms at the resort and the key to the mini-bar was removed so there was no temptation.  Sure, you could sneak into the coffee shop in the lobby, but you might be seen.  <gasp!> I have to say that having a full week of abstinence from a trigger food (for me, it’s sugar) is amazingly powerful.

I think H³ is right about having your food prepared.  The last few days I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen doing everything I can to have healthy foods available all day long.  No, that doesn’t mean I’ve taken to grazing all day.  One thing I’m really focusing on is eating only when hungry; experiencing true hunger.  I had been doing fairly well until yesterday’s events of the day caught me off guard.  I had eaten a fairly large breakfast so wasn’t hungry for lunch.  I had a couple of appointments that brought me home again around 3 p.m. and I was ravishing!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to dinner (well, I could have if I had more experience of going hungry) and so grabbed a little snack of toast with almond butter, a few grape tomatoes and some fruit.  Not the end of the world, but that experience really demonstrated the need to have food ready-made in the refrigerator.

I was really looking forward to dinner.  I’ve been trying out some of the recipes that we had in San Diego.  H³ has been getting quite a variety lately.  One thing he can’t eat with his onion allergy is ketchup.  The store-bought varieties are not really a terrific condiment anyway because of the salt and sugar that is added.  I have made my own without either of those ingredients and also sans onions.  Fabulous!  Over the next few weeks I will post some of the things that we’ve been having.  I like new recipes but sometimes I’m a little skeptical.  Do you do that?  You look at the picture… looks yummy; you look at the ingredients… yep, got them on hand.  But will it really taste good?  That’s what I’m here for!  I’ve got you covered.  I’ll try out the recipe and then post a little review here for you, giving credit to the recipe’s creator where I can.

Last night’s dinner was topped off with a wonderful dessert.  I had some nectarines that were going south and was trying to figure out what to do with them when I remembered a yummy dessert we had in San Diego.  It’s Dr. Fuhrman’s Nectarine and Plum Crumble.  Oh, yum!  Who would think that some nut milk and oats could make a dessert rival its SAD (Standard American Diet) counterpart.  As usual, click on the picture to be taken to the recipe page.


I paired the crumble with some peach ice “dream” that I had in the freezer.

Wrap Up:

Well, I must wrap up today’s post and think about Wednesday’s when I’ll see you back here… hopefully.  Have a great start to your week!  And maybe I’ll see you over at the Healthy Vegan Challenge.

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