Summer is here and a new salad recipe!

Happy Monday to you!  I’m a little bit more chipper than usual because this Monday is super special for me.  Ya know why?  Cuz I’m on VACATION!  I was doing the happy dance all weekend long.  I have a very generous vacation benefit at work, and when this break came around, I was definitely in need.  My job is pretty intense at times and the last three weeks have been killer for me.  The alarm clock is turned off and the spa appointments are made.  Today will be spent prepping for my trip to San Diego, tomorrow is packing day and Wednesday I will be flying off to the sunny (I hope) southern region of California!

Welcome, Summer:

With the arrival of Summer on June 21, many people expect warm sunny days & cooler evenings here in the Northwest.  And right on time, we had a summer-like day Saturday with temps in the low 70s.  But, as is typical in these parts, the rain came on Sunday.  “They” always say, if you don’t like the weather in Seattle, just wait five minutes.  We had some pretty good downpours Sunday evening.  I like the sound of summer rain.  For some reason it has a different ring to it than the winter rain.  This morning we headed out for our usual morning 5-mile walk and it was sprinkling.  Hubby looked to me to make the decision whether we should go or not.  I said, “Well, it’s not like it’s cold.” So away we went.  We were about 3/4 mile in when it began to pour cats & dogs!  Needless to say we only put in about 1.75 miles and by the time we got home we were soaked through!  It made for a good laugh.  It’s days like this that I look so forward to retirement, realizing what it feels like to wake up when I want & not worry if the workout goes as expected because there’s more hours in the day.  Life is good. 😀

Weekend Recap:

So what did you do this past weekend?  H³ (Handsome Healthy Hubby) and I took a beautiful hike 4.5 miles up in the hills of the Cascades to an enchanting lake. (And another 4.5 miles back down)  It was a perfect day to spend together laughing & enjoying God’s gifts.  Here are a few pictures that he took to give you an idea of the majestic area in which we live.  I love it here.  Summers are great; I just wish it were a tad bit warmer the rest of the year.

1025360_616865274990456_1564066786_o _DSC9748-2600169_616865011657149_1235353673_n

Click on the pics to get the full-page version

And now about that salad:

So do you know what summer calls for?  Salad!  We eat a lot of salads anyway, but sometimes during the warmer months, I don’t really feel much like turning on the stove or the oven.  And since we eat anything Tex-Mex style, I was inspired by one of those viral recipes that you see on Facebook.  It was so good, Hubby asked for it again on Sunday when I was fresh out of dinner ideas.  We thought of all different variations that could be done with the basic recipe, but here’s what it looked like on the first go ’round:


It was so delicious.  If you click on the picture, you’ll be taken to the recipe screen.  It’s so easy-peasy. It will take you like 20 minutes to whip it up.  The second day we had it, I pan roasted the corn by heating a pan on high and tossing in the frozen corn kernels and cooking until a little brown.  If you do that, you’ll want to let the corn cool down before mixing it with the other ingredients.  This technique makes the corn a little sweeter.   Someone (guess who?) wanted to call this one CATS  (Corn, Avocado, Tomato Salad) but I think I’ll go with Summer Avocado Corn Salad.

 I’m glad that we took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and dined al fresco.  For a nice refreshing drink, a little different than plain ol’ water, I served up a glass of cucumber water.  It’s so easy… clean your cucumber really well, slice & add it to your ice-cold water!


I was happy to be able to use some of the new salad greens from my container gardens on the deck.  They are getting so big.  Even the kale is about ready to start cutting a leaf or two.  I’m sure they’ll be perfect when I’m gone.  Hopefully, Healthy Hubby (H²) will utilize all the greens!


Have you noticed the love of my life has many names?  There’s Handsome Healthy Hubby (H³).  And Healthy Hubby (H²).  And Hubby.  It really is only one guy, trust me.  He’s handsome as can be.  He’s really healthy.  And he’s my husband, the one & only!  For nearly 22 years, he’s put up with me, and he supports me in my nutritional weirdness.  He even gives me feedback on the recipes I make, which means a lot.  Plus he shares his beautiful photography with me so I can in turn share it with you.  Isn’t he great?  If ever you see a photo you’d like to hang on your wall, let me know.  The possibilities are endless.  My favorites are the gallery-wrapped canvas.

Wrap Up:

Since I’ll be out of town for a week or so, and I have no desire to take a computer with me, I have no idea what my ability will be to post on my blog after Wednesday.  I don’t have an iAnything and all I’ve got is a Dumbphone, so I’ll be trying to keep you updated on my Fuhrman Health Getaway using my Nook and a micro SD card in my camera.  Wish me luck and pray for WiFi that’s easy to access at the resort.  I will do the best I can.

Just so you don’t miss a post if I am able to get one on here, click the “follow” button at the top of the page and you’ll get an automatic email when it goes through.  Have a great week & I will be in touch!  Toodles!

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