Friday Fun Fact #8

TGIF! And helllllllo, Vacation!  Yes. After today I am on vacation for two weeks.  I’ve been talking about it for what seems like years now, but I really think it’s only months, but Wednesday I’m flying off for beautiful San Diego to attend the Fuhrman Health Getaway.  Are you tired of hearing about it?  Well, I’m just so darned excited to go I can hardly stand myself.  I am so grateful to H³ (Handsome Healthy Hubby) for encouraging me to go and actually registering me.  I was feeling a little selfish about spending a week away at a luxury resort and eating the healthiest food while leaving him at home.  See, he’s healthy and handsome and all that too, but he’s just not crazy into this eating and learning like I am.  Oh, sure he makes sure what goes into his body is good for you & he exercises.  He’s just not nuts like me!  (Plus he has food allergies which make it difficult)

Today is not just Friday, but it is also the first day of summer!  Can you believe it?  Yeah, I think the high today will be about 66°.  Get excited!

Friday Fun Fact:

So Wednesday I posted a recipe for blueberry muffins.  If you missed that post, you can read it here.  Or if you just want the recipe, you can get it by clicking here.  Tis the season for berries in the Northwest.  We love our sweet, luscious berries.  Blueberries won’t be ready until August and this year I’ll be sure to pick more than 20 lbs.  Last year, they were gone by January!  Right now is strawberry season and we’ve been eating our share, but the blueberry seems to be making a continual return to my shopping cart.  Those muffins were delish!


So what is so great about berries besides the fact that they are tasty?  They are so good for you.  Berries are the second in Dr. Fuhrman’s G-BOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, BERRIES & Seeds).  Berries are full of fiber and phytochemicals and because they are low in calories they score the highest ANDI score of all fruits.  The deep blue/purple coloration of berries are because of flavonoid antioxidant molecules called anthocyanins.  In addition to their antioxidant properties, flavonoids have been associated with a significant risk reduction for coronary heart disease (up to 45%).  Now, isn’t that reason enough to toss a handful or two on your oatmeal in the morning?


Studies show that by consuming just one to three servings a week you can reduce your risk for coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.  Also in similar studies, berry phytochemicals have helped regulate blood glucose levels as well as blood pressure.  In addition to keeping your ticker healthy, berries are great and helping to prevent cancer and give us protection against diabetes and dementia.  All berries provide macro nutrients, but blueberries in particular are the only food so far that has been shown to not just prevent but actually reverse abnormal physical and mental decline, including coordination and balance, in aged animals. (People are animals, right?)  You can read more about blueberries here.  Imagine.  If those studies were done with people eating one to three servings a week think what we could do to protect ourselves against disease if we ate berries every day!


Just remember… none of the information in this blog is intended to be medical advice and is purely the result of my own research.  You may find different information to support another view.  The opinions expressed are my own.  You are advised to seek the advice of a licensed medical professional for your particular needs relating to diet and exercise.

Weekly WrapUp:

Well, there you have it, folks.  I hope you’ll come back and see me on Monday.  I’ll have a new post and probably a recipe!  I hope you have a terrific weekend and are able to relax a little bit.  I’m hoping to get a hike in.  I’m a huge procrastinator, so I can always pack later, right?

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