A new week!

My mom used to say the road to hell was paved with good intentions.  Well, I hope I don’t end up in the burning fires of the land below, but I did have good intentions.  I had no blog post on Friday because I was experiencing technical difficulties.  Not necessarily the type of technical difficulties you would commonly think of, but I was met with some challenges.  Let’s just say that the end of last week was not so good.   To save you the gory details, you will understand when I say I experienced flu-like symptoms on Thursday and spent Friday morning and part of the afternoon getting checked out and hydrated.  I’m feeling much better today and I am confident that my superb eating helped me bounce back so quickly.

On to the fun stuff:

How was your weekend?  I spent Saturday engaged in some previous commitments at my church, though what I really wanted to do was have one more day to relax at home and maybe spend some time in the yard.  The weather is perfect this time of year for being outside.  It’s not too hot and it stays relatively warm into the evening so you don’t have to stop your project at dinnertime.  Check out my veggies.  Of course, the lettuce is going to be at it’s peak about the time I’m heading off to San Diego for the Health Getaway.  I hope Healthy Hubby is hungry for salad every day!  😀


Kale… my favorite!


Box o’ Lettuce


Herbs & More Lettuce

I had also taken a picture of my strawberry plants, but I figured there was no point putting that picture here as the squirrels are quicker than I am in getting to the berries.  This is the first year I’ve had them disappear so quickly.  I guess I will stick with locally grown ones that are big, juicy and absolutely delectable!

IMG_1262Look at those yummy guys!  H³ and I ate a half a flat in just three days.  Oh, how I love Washington grown berries.  We literally just eat them like the photo shows (minus the green tops, of course).

Father’s Day:

And what Father’s Day would be complete without good ol’ Pops?  I took this picture to send off to Alex so he’d have it while he’s away, but I’ll share with you too.  My dad will be 80 this year and he is going strong.  I think he’s like the Energizer Bunny.  Or maybe more like the $6 million man.  He gets worn out and they just replace the broken parts with new ones.  We had dinner with my dad and his wife.  They are not accustomed to our way of eating and I’m thinking that the fact that they didn’t have seconds of my veggie kabobs, rice and baked beans had nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t like them, but more because they have smaller appetites!  They sure loved my Grinning Gorillas Ice Dream.  They have a Ninja blender, so I showed them how easy it is to make frozen concoctions (besides Margaritas)!


And there’s this guy too!

IMG_1268He’s lounging in his new reclining chair on the deck talking to who else, but his favorite soldier!  Alex called and made Father’s Day complete.  It’s so nice to hear his voice and get a little bit of an idea of what he’s doing.  If everything goes according to plan, he will be graduating Friday.  He will have a day or two off and then his Advanced Training begins Monday.  Then it’s just ten more weeks until his final graduation and we will get to see him.  I am so proud of that kid!

When I got to talk to him, he shared how he has come to realize how important healthy eating is.  He is considering furthering his education while in the Army and he’s thinking of a degree in fitness and nutrition.  One of the things he said is that it’s one thing to eat a cheeseburger and sit in an office or on the couch watching TV, but to work hard all day long and expend the amount of energy that he does, he needs healthy, light foods with lots of nutrients.  He did admit that most of his veggies are cooked because it takes less time to eat them than it does raw and they are limited on time.  Beans are served at every meal and he tries to eat a serving each day to keep up his protein.  He did confess to one morning going to breakfast after the day prior having a rather large calorie deficit and thinking fruit and a healthy breakfast was in order, but somehow found his plate filled with eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and the works.  He said it tasted good, but wasn’t what he needed.  Perhaps my nagging gentle educating has found a place within his mind.


All in all it was a great weekend of  relaxation, reconnecting, and healing — both spirit and body.  Come back on Wednesday because I’m going to share with you a new muffin recipe that I think you’ll flip for!

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