Monday Mumbling & Yummy Green Smoothie Recipe

It was an awesome weekend filled with grad parties, socializing, enjoying the sun & spending time with my Handsome Healthy Hubby.  I hope you were able to find time to do what you enjoy the most.

Green Smoothie:

Let’s start right off with a new recipe.  You all know how much I love my chai tea.  I’ve given up on the commercially prepared ones, however and make my own at home with an herbal concoction.  I usually do that in the fall / winter time because the flavors scream out to me the season of cooler weather and the holidays.  But I recently found a recipe for a chai smoothie and it gave me inspiration for a GREEN chai smoothie.  I mean, what the heck.  Spinach or other greens aren’t really that noticeable in flavor, so why not add it in?  I’ve also simplified the recipe a bit to make it quick and easy.

You know what I love about green smoothies?  It’s easy to get a great helping of greens in the morning, they jump start my day, they’re filling and satisfying AND I swear they help my concentration.  I notice at work on the days I start off with a green smoothie of any flavor, I perform better at my job.  I can concentrate much better and I am more relaxed and not as anxious about my day.  That right there is a reason to have one each day.

So click on the picture below to be taken to the recipe.


What else I did this weekend:

Handsome Healthy Hubby and I have been getting some hiking in.  It is such a good way to get a ton of exercise, spend time together and appreciate God’s gifts to us.  I love being in nature.  It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful our world is and how we tend to take it for granted it.  It’s nice to get out and put myself in the middle of it all and take it all in.  This weekend our hike took us to an amazing waterfall.  It was about three and a half miles in on the trail that we found them.  But… you couldn’t see them from the normal trail.  You had to scramble up the hillside (on a “trail”) to get a full view of the falls.  And it was so worth it.  Of course, I was scared to death going up and coming down was even worse.  I figured for some reason it was safer to traverse the terrain on my derriere.  I’m glad there was no one else around.  In any event, we got in a little over seven miles on Sunday and we even have pictures to prove it.  Take a look-see.

jan at fallsskookum falls hike like phoebeThis one you have to understand.  I was goofing around as Hubby teases me when I cross over tricky parts and we have termed it “hike like Phoebe.”  This was a posed picture just for the camera!  If you don’t know what “Run like Phoebe” looks like, you can check out a video right here.

Wrap Up:

So there you have it… a tasty new green smoothie recipe and some photos to entertain you. I wish you happy week & I’ll “see” you back here on Wednesday where I have no idea what I’ll be mumbling about then. 🙂

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