Friday Fun Fact #7

Well, it’s Friday again.  Today marks the near-end of Week #8 since Alex left for Basic Training.  It seems odd to not have him around all the time, but we do hear from him on a regular basis so that part of it is nice.  We can usually count on a letter on Thursday and a phone call on Sunday.  It’s funny how we work our schedules around those phone calls on Sundays.  We don’t leave home without the phone and make sure if we’re out and about we are within cell phone range.

Fun Fact #7:

Today’s Fun Fact is, well, fun!  Did you know you can help transport all the micronutrients to your cells faster and get more out of the foods that you eat?  How do you do that?  By turning your salads into micro salads, that’s how.  A micro salad is a flavorful, nutrient-packed salad that is chopped very fine and is distinctly different than micro “greens” which are very baby salad greens that are hardly even sprouts.  By chopping your vegetables very small, you actually can eat more salad, thus increasing your intake of healthy greens.  It also makes eating all those greens easier because most of the chewing is already done for you (a good thing for those who suffer from jaw ache while chewing).  The pre-consumption chopping aides in digestion and absorption of the nutrients too, thus increasing the anti-cancer benefits found in cruciferous vegetables.  This is also one of the reasons that green smoothies are all the rage and so good for you.  Now, who doesn’t want to get the most nutrients from their food before it gets flushed down the toilet?

How do you make a micro salad?

I have found the easiest way is to utilize my food processor.


I just toss in all the ingredients and pulse until the pieces are small.  Speaking of ingredients, the possibilities are endless.  Cruciferous vegetables, some firmer salad greens like kale or romaine, an apple and your favorite herbs are really all you need.  You don’t need dressing because the vegetable juice that is produced with this chopping technique provides enough to wet the salad perfectly.  If you feel it’s a little dry, squeeze some citrus juice over the top.

This recipe was sent out last week by Dr. Fuhrman, so I gave it a try and loved it.  You’ll see it’s called Strawberry Crunch salad and the first time I made it, it was a beautiful pinkish color, but the second time, I didn’t have quite enough strawberries, so it was more orange and then I topped it with some blueberries which went wonderfully well with the flavors of the cabbage, apple & carrot.   As usual, click on the picture to be taken to the recipe page!


If you like the Sweet Salad recipe, you’ll love this micro salad.

Do you have anything planned for your weekend?  It’s graduation time, so we have a couple of parties to attend.  I’m hoping I can control my eating and keep it healthy.  We also have a hike in the plan too.  I’ll see you back here on Monday to share my doings over the weekend.

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