Weekend Snapshot & Hummus Recipe

Hello there!  Glad you could join me this morning.  I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was super.  I was very busy.  If I could have a housekeeper, lawn maintenance person, and a butler, I think I could live the life that I did this past weekend every Saturday and Sunday.

What I did this weekend:

That headline is sort of like “What I did on my summer vacation,” but not quite as fun.  I toured our local Saturday market for the first time this year and it was a treat.  Not just because I met up with a friend I haven’t seen for a while, but it’s always fun to go and see what the local (from the other side of the mountains) farmers are peddling because that gives me hope that our summer is just around the corner and our “real” local farmers will be there soon with berries, veggies & other fruits.  The flower venders always have quite a variety of cut flowers that are just amazingly beautiful.  I did pick up a few new plants for my deck.  They’re already in their resting places.  That is a first for me!  I usually bring things home and don’t have time, energy or good weather to plant them.  Saturday I planted some veggie starts that I got a couple of weeks ago from the weekday market near my work PLUS the plants I got at the Saturday market.  Just a few more things are needed to round out my veggie pots and the flower pots.

Now here’s the fun part:

Sunday my Handsome Healthy Hubby and I set out for our first hike of the year.  We were able to find a trail low enough that was snow free.  We started out in the mist and drizzle and one lake, one humungous falls, and 10 miles later, landed back at the car in the sunshine.


Please forgive the self-portrait, but when you’re out in the wilderness, there’s not a lot of folks to take your picture for you.


For this next picture you have to understand the story behind it.  Years ago (like 15 or so) my mom gave me this piece of garden art.  There’s no other way to describe it, but… it’s a head.  My son has used it in photos for his album cover and singles that he has sold online.  So since he’s been away at Basic Training, we have taken “the head” to different places we have gone and we take its picture and then send the pictures to Alex to hopefully put a smile on his face.  So here is “the head” hanging out in a tree in front of Green Lake, near the Carbon Glacier at Mt. Rainier.  I think we need a different name besides “The Head.”  Maybe I should run a contest for a name.  Ideas anybody?  Note: The link above doesn’t show any of his pictures with “the head.”  So call me a liar now, but I thought you might want to listen to some of his music anyway.

the head

Eventually I had to do some grocery shopping as I think every time I opened the refrigerator door I could hear groans coming from the lonely lettuce, so I embarked on the store at about 4 p.m.  Not too bad.  I made it home unscathed and whipped up a quick and healthy dinner.  I made a great hummus that I think you’ll like.  It’s lime chipotle.  Oh, yum!  I used it as a dip on some lightly steamed veggies.  Check out the recipe here or by clicking on the picture below.


It’s a little spicy, so adjust the chipotle powder to suit your taste.

Our fabulous weekend ended with a lengthy phone call from our son.  We look forward to his calls on Sundays.  We literally take our phones everywhere with us… yes, even the bathroom (I do anyway).  We don’t want to miss him.  He is having a great time.  Well, as good as can be had when you’re being yelled at and are doing pushups until you can’t do any more.  I am thankful that we got him eating healthy from the start and taught him the importance of an active lifestyle very early on as it seems that being fit is a bonus in the military.  We are so proud of him & look forward to seeing him in September.  Saturday was his birthday and it was the first time in 20 years we haven’t celebrated with him.


It was an awesome weekend.  I really wish it didn’t have to end.  But somehow we must keep paying the bills, so back to work I go!

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