Friday Fun Fact #6

Ahhh, the end of another week.  The other day I got to thinking about how routine and schedule oriented I am.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday I blog.  I have a green smoothie on my way to work (as opposed to a hot beverage).  I do weight training at the gym.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a hot beverage during my commute and I do only cardio and abs for my workout.  Saturdays are reserved for grocery shopping and church.  Sundays I look forward to my coffee date with Healthy Hubby.  Wow!  Either my life is really boring or I have gotten in a huge rut!  This is not to say that these are the only things I do on these days, but it just made me think about how I tick off the days of the week by what my activity is for that day.  And each week is the same.

Okay, that was just a bit of nonsense that really has nothing to do with anything, but thought I would share.

And now… for the Friday Fun Fact:

You know, as we get older we reminisce a little bit more.  Or maybe that’s called dementia and we just don’t remember we’ve already talked about something when we repeat it and call it reminiscing.  But anyway, I was reminiscing yesterday.  I was thinking of a lady who, together with her husband, were wonderful friends of my parents.  They met through my father’s professional organization and I traveled with my parents for conferences sponsored by that group.  Like most conferences, we would join the rubber chicken circuit and eat mass-produced food.  You know, undercooked chicken with half raw potatoes and totally overcooked peas.  There was always that garnish of wilted parsley on the plate.  Well, the wife friend of this duo would eat her parsley.  As a child I thought that was odd.  Isn’t parsley a garnish?  She would then pick the parsley off of the plates of those near her and eat that too.  I also thought that to be extremely odd.  But, you know, I think this lady was on to something.  Parsley is incredibly good for you.  Who would have known?


I have recently gotten hooked on parsley.  It’s going in salads, in my smoothies, sprinkled on top of almost everything.  But what do you do with it besides fancy up your soup, garnish your stews and top your salads with it?  I have a bunch of it hanging out in my window sill in a glass.  It likes the relative coolness of that area, I guess.  You can also store it in your refrigerator in a plastic bag after being rinsed.  But when I do that, it gets pushed to the back and when I find it in a couple of weeks, well… it’s icky.  I know the stuff grows like a weed and I could buy it as a plant, but I’m trying to get it to root, like my basil and mint are, so I can plant it outside.  But if not, at 49 cents a bunch, it’s not an expensive vitamin on a stalk!  Check out some of the benefits parsley packs:

  • Vitamin K (be careful if you’re on blood thinners)
  • Vitamin C is a water-soluable antioxidant and provides additional support against free radicals, helps prevent atherosclerosis, colon cancer, diabetes and asthma.  Vitamin C is also an anti-inflammatory agent and is important in building a healthy immune system.
  • Vitamin A
  • Folate, the natural source of Folic Acid (which should be avoided in supplement form), is one of the most important B vitamins and parsley is a good source to get your Folate.  Want a healthy heart?  Don’t forget your Folate.  It’s also important for proper cell division so it’s important for prevention of cancer in two areas that have rapidly dividing cells… the colon and cervix.
  • Iron
  • Parsley also contains two components that provide health benefits.  Volatile Oils have been shown to prevent tumor formation in animal studies (particularly in the lungs).  Those volatile oils may also neutralize some types of carcinogens, such as those found in cigarette and charcoal grill smoke.  The other component contained in parsley is flavonoids.  I know you’ve heard or seen that word before.  What does it mean?  Flavonoids in parsley act as antioxidants and protect our bodies from free radicals.


Do you think that parsley looks a little like those inner leaves on your celery?  Well, that’s because parsley and celery are in the same family.  So as to not bore you anymore with details, I’ll end my Friday Fun Fact there.  The bottom line is it’s really good for you!

_DSC9726Did you know there’s a couple different kinds of parsley?  I prefer the flat or Italian style.  It’s a little milder and less bitter.  This last week, I made a smoothie with spinach, parsley (duh!), lemon juice, a frozen banana, fresh pineapple, water and ginger.  It was so refreshing!

I hope you will try something new with parsley.  When you do, come back and tell me about it!

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