Goats, Desserts & lots of Mumbling, oh my!

Hello, YOU!  I hope you enjoyed a long weekend.  I took the day off from blogging Monday to relax my mind lay on the couch and be lazy.  Healthy Hubby and I spent a couple of days at Lake Chelan in search of warmer weather.  It was a tad warmer and I must say it was drier than on the west side of the mountains.  Here’s a picture of me getting kissed by some goats at one of the many fruit stands we came across.


They were so darned adorable.  There were kibbles available to feed the little kids, and they ate as if they were ravishing.  I later found out from one of the employees there that the goats are later sold to some locals who buy them “on the hoof.”  Yeah.  We know what that means.  I wanted to pack them up into the Highlander, but Healthy Hubby said they must stay.  He apparently didn’t see the benefit in having four goats in the back yard.  I thought they could help with mowing and other yard work.  We left them behind, with sad faces.

I had a really munchy weekend and I’m not sure why.  Though most of my choices were healthy (oops!  Insert 70% cacoa vegan chocolate bar here), but I merely over ate.  So we’re back on schedule and, as you know, I love routine.  Oh, yes, I do.  So this week I should be good to go crazy healthy for a while.

I’m getting excited about farmer’s markets opening up and the new produce that’s available even in the grocery stores.  Today I had my first nectarine of the year.  Of course, not local, but it was good nonetheless.  So don’t be afraid to pick some up at the store if you see them.  They’re good!  One thing I can’t wait for are the berries that the Pacific Northwest produces.  Our berry season is fairly short.  I think they all go about three weeks with strawberries starting us off.  They should be coming by Father’s Day.  Then we go to raspberries around July 4th and then blueberries, my favorite, will hit in August.  So, you see, if you work it right, you can have a constant flow of fresh berries.  And if you stock up, you can freeze them for deliciousness all year round.  We are still indulging in strawberries from last year.

New purchase:

Last week I broke down and purchased the ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaide mixer.  I don’t seem to even use the mixer anymore since going healthy because I’m not making cakes, shredding cheese, or stuffing sausages (not that I ever did that, but I needed another example of something you can do with the machine).  So I was all excited to make Carrie’s Strawberry Nice Cream in my new appliance until I read the operating instructions.  You must stick the thing in the freezer for 15 hours!  15 hours.  It’s not like you’re going to spontaneously decide you want ice cream one evening.  So I’ll make some tonight and share the recipe later on in the week.

Today’s recipe:

I do have a dessert recipe for you though today.  With the berries in abundance in the grocery stores, mostly shipped from California, I bought a bunch and made a Vanilla Bean Sabayon.  It’s Dr. Fuhrman’s recipe and very similar to the Chocolate Fondue that I made a number of months back.  I think you’ll agree it’s very good, attractive enough for company, and easy to make.  There is a little bit of planning ahead though.  You need to soak the cashews for a bit… like overnight.  But do not fear.  If you forget to do that, go ahead and make it anyway.  It will just take a little more coconut water.  And if you don’t have a vanilla bean, leave your worries behind.  You can substitute 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract for the entire amount in the recipe and it will still be oh, so delicious.  Can you tell I’ve made the recipe twice… once following it to a “T” and the second time improvising and substituting?


I layered berries with the sauce and it was very good!  Maybe I’ll work on some sort of a biscuit or shortcake that we could include with this.

What are some of your favorite berry recipes?

Well, come back and check out my page on Friday for more news!

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