Mumbles for Monday & a Book Review

Hello there.  It’s Monday… again!  Funny how it comes around every week, eh?

Did you have a good weekend?  I was busy, busy.  Saturday started off so fun.  The Healthy Hubby and I took our son’s girlfriend out for breakfast to that same little cafe I mentioned last week.  It was great to eat healthily while we caught up with her and shared tidbits of the letters we each have received from Alex while he’s away at Army Basic Training.  He’s five weeks in now, so he is about one-fourth finished.  I’m so proud of him.  He is doing very well in all of the PT drills and is right at the top of his platoon!  I’m sure it’s because of all that healthy food I had him eating.  Or maybe it’s just because he’s a 19-year-old kid who is strong as steel, can run as fast as a cheetah and has the endurance of an Iditarod dog.  I’m not sure, but it sounds like he is doing great.  I look forward to September when we’ll get to see him again.  I guess no matter how old your kids get, you still miss them when they’re away.  This ain’t no summer camp, baby!


Just happy as can be!

Book Review:

Do you LOVE your job?  Are you a _______ but wish you were a ___________?  Do drag yourself through the week so you can live for the weekend?  You’re not alone.

I recently read a motivating book.  It’s titled Quitter: Closing the gap between your day job & your dream jobJon Acuff is the author and if you think you recognize that name, he’s the hip and funny bloggerator of Stuff Christians Like.  He’s one happy guy who a few years ago wasn’t so happy in his dead-end j-o-b.  He needed to figure out how to live his dream job and he’s done it.  This isn’t one of those self-help books that gives you a “how to” list of things to do so you can be just like the author.  Nope.  Jon uses humor and his own personal experiences to motivate you to first define your dream job and reminds you that you need to work the day job to get to the dream.  I found Acuff’s ability to keep the reader laughing (he starts off by describing how to change your clothes in a bathroom stall)  but yet remain on task and focused (yes, there are a few “how to” lists, but it’s okay) to be a bonus of the book.  It sure kept me coming back for more information on how I can start on my journey of “being in like” with my day job so I can get serious about following my dream.  This is definitely a book I will keep around and probably refer to many times depending upon where I am in my journey.

I recommend Quitter to anyone who is trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up.  And if you already know what that is, but you don’t know how to get there, you just might want to pick up a copy or check out his website.


This is my own review. I have received no compensation and I have nothing to gain from it.

Weekend Review:

Did you make a new recipe this weekend?  Try a new dish?  I spent almost the entire day on Sunday in the kitchen.  I prepped and cooked a bunch of dishes for the week so I will have some good options for lunch and dinners will be quick and easy when I get home from work.  I may grumble and complain while I’m hunched over the cutting board for hours on end, but I sure do enjoy the ease it creates during the week.  Let’s see… what did I make?  I made a big pot of Healthy Hubby’s favorite soup, corn chowder; one of my faves, Chef AJ’s 6-minute split pea soup, a tamale casserole, chickpea “crab” cakes, and oatmeal raisin cookies.  Some things were a success, a few others notsomuch.  We could take or leave the “crab” cakes.  But the cocktail sauce I made was pretty tasty.  I just don’t know what I’ll use it on since seafood is not in our diet.  It was a nice addition to the meal, but definitely was higher scoring on the make-it-again scale than the entree.  I will share the tamale casserole recipe later in the week.  One thing I did make that was absolutely to die for was Carrie‘s Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It is so a-ma-zing.  I hate to say that I made it Friday night and… well, it’s gone!

I mean… look at this!


photo stolen from Carrie’s blog

Who doesn’t want a slice… or two?

So I’ll call it a day (well, not really… it’s still early) and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday.

Make it healthy!

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