Friday Fun Fact #4

Photo: Eat clean, train hard, and see results

I love this meme.  Wait… let’s digress for a second.  Do you know what a meme is?  I’ve seen them, experienced them, been spammed by them but didn’t even know what one was when I heard the word.  This little picture thing up there… that’s a meme.  It’s pronounced “meem.”  The true definition is, “An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.”  So there you go.

I actually borrowed it from a friend of a friend on Facebook.  Healthy Hubby also posted it on the Healthy Vegan Challenge page over on Facebook.  It’s kind of the subject of my blog today and one that up until about two years ago I hadn’t given much thought to.  I figured losing weight and getting healthy was all about calories in, calories out.  Au contraire.  It’s about the quality of the calories going in.  100 calories of sugar isn’t the same as 100 calories of kale, for example!

As Dr. Fuhrman says, “You lose weight in the kitchen; you gain it in the gym.”  Of course, the obvious also applies.  You can clearly gain weight in the kitchen too if you’re eating high-calorie, nutrient poor foods that contribute nothing in terms of wellness.  I know of people who have lost 80, 90, 100 pounds by changing their diet to one of mostly plants (or all plant-based) with little or no exercise at all.  Many times it is necessary for people to lose the weight before they start a heavy exercise regimen to avoid injury or other potentially life-threatening problems.  It can be done!  When you rid your body of the toxins that come from processed foods and animal products, it is able to rebuild itself from the inside out and in doing so you shed pounds easily and effortlessly!

Eating low calorie, nutrient dense foods is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.  Exercise in the gym is to gain muscle mass.  Some younger people (particularly young men) like to have a muscular body and that’s fine.  At my age, however, I’m going for the lean, toned look that assures me that  my back will continue to hold me upright and my bones will be healthy 20, 30 or 40 years from now.  Yes, you do burn calories in the gym, but the number of calories we burn with exercise is minimal compared to the number of calories that we burn just existing throughout our day.   It is more important to focus on exercise to increase endurance, strengthen muscles (especially your core), and keep your bones strong and healthy.  Pairing a nutrient dense, plant-based diet and a moderate exercise routine will give you the healthiest future possible!

  Just remember:


So on that note, I think I’ll wrap up for the day and work on my book review that I promised some time ago.  Look for that on Monday.

Have a great weekend.  Make it a healthy one!

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