Friday Fun Facts #2

Hi, there.  I’m so glad you could join me today.  If you’re new to reading my blog, welcome.  If you’ve been around a while and/or know me personally, thanks for hanging in there.  My apologies for the delay in my post today; I was gathering a little bit of information so I could write something relatively intelligent.

I’m so glad it’s Friday.  I am a creature of habit and I like routine.  This week has been anything but routine (in my work life) and I’m all messed up.  I look forward to getting back on track next week, both in work and with the Summer Healthy Vegan Challenge.  Are you joining me?  I know we have a lot of people on the Facebook page who are ready to go.  There’s always room for more, so please join us.  You can get the support you need & share your knowledge with others there on the page.  It’s a private group so your comments are not shared throughout the Facebook world.

On Wednesday I said I was reading a fun book that I would share with you.  I’m not quite done with it yet and I’d rather wait until I’m finished to divulge too much.  Let’s just say it’s about … nah. I’ll wait!  🙂


Sun = Vitamin D

The weather this week has been so nice for our area.  We are on track to have the warmest day of the year so far.  Yeah, those of you who live in a different part of the world may think it’s going to rocket up into the 90s.  Uh, no.  I think they are talking 73 or so for Saturday.  But for our little world, that’s pretty good, especially this time of year.  We’ve had a few-day stretch now of warmer days and it’s been making me think of Vitamin D.

When it’s sunny like this, I try to get outside to get some unfiltered, unobstructed sunshine on my skin.  That means I don’t use sunscreen <gasp!> for the 15 or 20 minutes that I sit there with my arms and face exposed.  This is the best way to get Vitamin D into our bodies.  But when you can’t get enough mid-morning sun, what do we do?  We need to rely on supplements.  Some researchers believe that the emphasis on sunscreen to prevent skin cancer has led to Vitamin D deficiency in many people.  And those who live in areas where there are more cloudy days than sunny also may need to supplement.  And don’t get me wrong, these scientists are in no way suggesting that we should spend all day in the sun without protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer.  Just 5 to 30 minutes of mid-morning sun is plenty.  People with darker skin may need more sun exposure to reach an optimal level.  Doctors now are routinely checking Vitamin D levels, especially in geographical areas of less sunshine.


Why do we need Vitamin D you ask?  I’m so happy you’re interested.  Vitamin D plays a role in stimulating immature cells to become mature, functioning cells.  That means it helps immature bone cells become mature, healthy bone marrow cells, thus playing a role in bone health.  It does the same thing in your epithelial cells of the intestine, creating healthy GI function.

So where do you get Vitamin D if it’s not from the sun?  If your mother told you to drink cod liver oil, she might have been onto something.  Just one tablespoon has twice the daily recommended dosage.  I’m not advocating for cod liver oil, however, especially if it comes from cods’ livers.  Ick!  Okay.  All kidding aside, Vitamin D is found naturally in only a few foods.  They are mostly animal products like egg yolks, butter, whole milk and fatty fish.  But wait.  Vitamin D is also in mushrooms.  That must be why Dr. Fuhrman includes them on his GBOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds) list.  You’ll find breakfast cereals to be fortified with Vitamin D, and most consumers get their dietary Vitamin D in that way.


Okay.  So I’ve probably muttered on long enough about something that could have taken me two minutes to share.  Basically, get a few minutes of sun each day that you can and eat some mushrooms.  Another thing about mushrooms… just one mushroom a day can reduce your risk of breast cancer by nearly 65%.  Now, isn’t that worth it?  Click here to read more about mushrooms!  To honor the mushroom for all of its amazingness, I’ll post a mushroom recipe next week.


Just remember… none of the information in this blog is intended to be medical advice and is purely the result of my own research.  You may find different information to support another view.  The opinions expressed are my own.  You are advised to seek the advice of a licensed medical professional for your particular needs relating to diet and exercise.

Have a great weekend and I will “see” you back here Monday.


All photos are courtesy of Doug Glaze, aka Healthy Hubby 🙂

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