Monday Mumblings

Hello there!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  Spring is definitely upon us in the Pacific Northwest.  This is the time of year when it is nice and warm for a few days, people get a little too comfortable with sunny days, they start planting the garden and then BAM! the rain and cold return.  It happens every year.  I had a good weekend.  It was busy, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute.  First, I have to share with you, as promised, what a great boss I have.

I am appreciated:

Last Wednesday was Administrative Professional’s Day.  I hope all of you who are in management or have people working for you, did something special for them to let them know how much you appreciate their work.  My boss often does that, even when it’s not designated on the calendar as a Hallmark moment.  Many times throughout the year, she lets me know that I’m a valued employee.  This past week, though, she went over the top, marking each day with a special gift and a card pointing out traits of a fine administrative professional.  The gift, of course, went with the letter of the day.  We sort of joked about “This day is brought to you by the letter P.  P is for punctuality and professionalism… and plant.”  The gift for that day was a plant (it was also Earth Day).  We had so much fun throughout the week.  Message sent and received — I am forever destined to work where I do.  Forget about a warmer climate, shorter workdays, or retirement!  I’m in it for the long haul.

I will share with you a little collage of the things my co-worker & I each received.

admin prof week

Busy Weekend:

And now for the weekend… I attended a conference for my professional organization.  You know, the all-day Saturday event that you drag yourself to, all the time thinking of all the productive things you could be doing like mowing the lawn or cleaning the tub?  You sit with someone you recognize in hopes of striking up conversation so you can grumble the entire day away (or slip out early and head to the mall).  You are there because you need continuing education credits and you know the speaker is just going to be a flop but you waited until you were desperate for your credits and time is ticking away and you’ve got to go now or you lose your certifications?  Yeah.  That’s what I did on Saturday.  Well, not really.  I hadn’t even pre-registered for the conference with the idea that if I woke up on Saturday and it was sunny I would skip it and wait for the next opportunity in the fall.  I’m glad I didn’t sleep in Saturday.  The conference was GREAT, the speaker dynamic & entertaining.  I actually learned a few things and stayed til the bitter end.  Oh, and I did stop at the mall on my way home!  🙂  In the end, the day was productive.

The most difficult part of attending a conference or lunch-hour meeting is the food.  Yeah, don’t think I was going to blog and not talk about food!  The menu was pasta and salad with cookies and brownies for dessert.  I brought my own lunch which consisted of kale salad, strawberries, orange slices and peach “nice cream”.  Okay, okay.  I confess… I ate a brownie too.  Unfortunately, I regretted it not soon after.  It tasted good (a little sweet) but it did not agree with me.  Why do I keep doing things like that?  The desire to satisfy the brain is much greater than the knowledge of the aftermath.  That’s why.  It’s all a brain thing.  That’s why at work I have a list of foods for me to avoid that are incredibly tempting.  That list is on a little, tiny Post-It note and it’s stuck to my computer to remind me not to eat them.  The old note had a description of symptoms that I would get if I were to eat that particular food.  Now it’s just a list.  I used to have a similar list at home, too, of foods that were off limits there, but I’ve thrown it away because the temptation at home isn’t as great.


It’s weird how this list that I created keeps me accountable to no one but myself.  Do you have a technique to keep you on track and accountable?  If so, I’d love to hear it.

I’m gonna call it a wrap today.  Check back on Wednesday.  I am going to attempt yet another “burger” option.  I will let you know how it goes.  I will also tell you about a new Healthy Vegan Challenge starting next week.  Stay tuned…

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