Midweek Update

Good morning!   I hope you are enjoying your week.  Here in the Northwest we are having wonderful weather.  It sure does make it easier to get up in the morning and get moving when the weather is bright and sunny.  It really pumps up the energy level just a bit.  The temperature swing is about 30 degrees though, so the mornings are brrr cold!  Yesterday it was a whopping 32 but got up to about 65 in the afternoon.  Each day my healthy hubby and I have taken walks when I get home from work and before dinner.  It’s so nice to connect and spend a little time decompressing before I hit the kitchen.  I do have to admit, though, since Alex has been gone, I haven’t felt quite so stressed about dinner; not that he was home that much, but I felt compelled to make sure a full meal was on the table each night.  Now it’s okay to have leftovers or clean-out-the-refrigerator night a couple of days a week.  It’s weird, I know.  And it’s not that he is more worthy of a good meal than anyone else is.  Perhaps I had to set a good example.  Boy, would he be shocked!

An Unexpected Call:

Speaking of Alex… he called me yesterday!  It was totally unexpected and I was completely giddy!  We only had about 90 seconds to talk, so the conversation was quick and to the point.  He just wanted to let us know he was moving out of “reception” and the hard stuff was about to begin.  He also indicated he didn’t know when we’d talk again, but he had lots of letters to send home for us to give to his girlfriend.  So the conversation lasted about as long as it takes for you to read this paragraph!  I felt so blessed to hear his voice.  I think that will be enough to carry me through until the next time.

Healthy Earth:

Monday, Earth Day, I told you I’d share with you some things that I do to help the Earth.  We don’t drive a Prius nor do we have solar panels on our rooftop (hello, we live in Western Washington!) but we do small things to help keep unneeded trash out of the landfills and I am trying to minimize my carbon footprint.  So here goes:

  • I carpool to work — I used to take the bus, but I now have the BEST carpool buddy everrrrr!
  • We make sure to have full loads of dishes and laundry before running those machines
  • Turn off the lights and electronics that we aren’t using when we exit a room
  • Reuse things that we can — like packing peanuts and bubble wrap
  • Compost organic materials such as our kitchen scraps (not animal protein).
  • Recycle all products that we can
  • Buy products in minimal packaging when possible
  • Use re-usable water bottles
  • Use re-usable bags at the grocery store

We have been doing some of the above things before it was “in” to do.  Both of our parents were “green” when green was only a color.  We each had compost piles growing up and always had garbage buckets at the kitchen sink.  I do have to say I have the Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl — I can’t believe I paid money for a garbage bowl, but it’s cool & I like it.  All of my stuff in the garbage bowl goes in our curbside yardwaste bin.  I think our garbage / yard waste man believes we have the world’s largest garden!  Some areas even let you put take-out containers in your bin, but we are not so lucky — not that we have take-out containers in our house very often anymore.

bowlCheck out these produce bags.  I love them.  I get at least one comment about them each week when I go to the store.  If you think about being a plant-based dieter and how many of those plastic produce bags we use, I’d end up with a collection to reach to the moon.  I was so happy to find these washable re-usable bags at my local Fred Meyer.  They are cheaper there than any other place I’ve seen them.  They run about $2 for three bags.


I’ve been either taking the bus to work or carpooling for years.  It started back when gas prices were so high that it was more of a financial motivator than it was to take care of the Earth, but now there’s many reasons.  There’s not really a better way to leave work behind than hopping in the car with a happy girlfriend and laughing all the way home.  We’ve become quite good friends and have shared “mothering tips” as we have kids about the same age.

Sweet Potato Crepe Update:

I also told you last week that I was going to give a shot at savory sweet potato crepes.  I have to say they were a bust.  The consistency was nice and they fluffed up nicely.  It was just the flavor that was icky.  I’m not sure if I was looking for something sweet since crepes, in my mind, are usually associated with fruit and sugar, but I think I will try it again.  I like the idea and I really see them as having potential as a breakfast crepe.  I might even try them again as a savory crepe, and if I do, I will leave out the garam masala seasoning.  It has its place, and for me, it’s not in a crepe! 🙂

Well, my apologies for the length of this post.  If you made it this far, you must not have been tooooo bored.  I felt like I had a lot of promises that I’d made that I had to fulfill.

Please come back on Friday and see what’s new.

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