A breakfast idea for you

TGIF to you!  Do you have any weekend plans?  I don’t have anything exciting going on, maybe spending some time in the kitchen.  I really want to create a good asparagus soup.  Even though winter is gone, we are still having chilly, rainy & windy weather — the type of weather that screams out for soup!  Also on my to-do list is to make savory sweet potato crepes.  I have a recipe that I’ve been wanting to try out, so perhaps I’ll try those for Sunday and let you know how things go.

For today, though, I am going to share with you my latest love.  Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true.  Whether you rise early to exercise in the morning or drag yourself out of bed and roll bleary-eyed into work, we should all eat a healthy breakfast.  I’ve been known to eat everything from green smoothies to salad and even stir-fry for the first meal of the day.  Right now, though, my favorite thing to get me going is raw oats with fruit.  Earlier this week I had a tropical fruit salad left over from Alex’s party so I put a few scoops in a bowl, added some old fashioned oats & unsweetened coconut.  I closed my eyes and dreamed I was on a tropical island (but when I opened them, I was still at work).  I think my all-time favorite topping for my raw oats, though, is diced apple.


You can click here for the yummy recipe for what I’m calling Raw Apple Oat Breakfast.  Not a very creative name, is it?  Oatmeal is such a wonderful grain.  Eaten in its whole form, it has incredible satiety — meaning it keeps you full for a long time.  It is a complex carbohydrate and has a good amount of protein.  Mixed with nuts and seeds (flax), it makes for a perfect plant-based breakfast.

Doug and I are about to complete our first week of 20 without Alex.  When I think of it in those count-down terms, it doesn’t sound all that bad.  He had quite an adventure getting to Basic Training.  I will share that story next week.  Until Monday, have a great weekend & make it healthy!

One thought on “A breakfast idea for you

  1. Hey Jan-Marie!
    I am loving the soups here in my house. The temp says 26F WCF. WE have had too much rain, and the levees are holding. Gotta love the Core of Engineers!

    I made a totally vegan chili yesterday, and put in some tempeh (ala Carrie’s recipe). While I was not really liking the tempeh, my guys thought it was just fine! My MO for dinner is that when I make chili one night, the next night is chili dogs. (We are not vegan, but are working on it.) I use Applegate Farms hot dogs as they are ethically produced, not perfect, but we are trying to make better choices on all levels. My guys have noted that when they eat the plant based proteins, they feel fuller for longer, and they are feeling better!

    I can truthfully say I KNOW how you are missing your son! I only wish I could offer you something to take the “missing” away, but I haven’t figured that out for myself, as yet. We have a 22 y/o daughter who has been away for 5 years at college. I thought I would see more of her during that time, but then a boyfriend came into play, and THAT all changed. She will be graduating May 4th with her Masters (yea!), and then will move to Pittsburgh to continue on with a Phd (she got an award/scholarship for her entire PHD program!) (super yea!)
    I am fortunate that my boys are still at home (definitely NOT college bound). They take up a lot of my brain space so I don’t miss her all the time….but I really miss her.
    It’s like you want to keep them around forever, but yet you still want them to do well and make their way into the outside world….and when they do, it’s just……well, you know the feeling.
    I am looking forward to your asparagus soup and sweet potato crepes recipes. Happy creating and have a happier weekend!

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