Friday is here & so am I !

Wow!  Friday already?  Where did the week go?  I hope you had time to enjoy one relaxing activity during the week.  I sure did.  I was absent from blogging this week & sharing with you what I’ve been up to.  I hope you take a few minutes to read today’s post to catch up.  This week’s vacation precedes Alex’s leaving for Army Basic Training, so I’ve been a little distracted and, honestly, not much in the mood for blogging and airing my thoughts.  So bear with me as I share what we did while away.


Doug & I went to the ocean.  Ahhhh!!!!  Not sure the timing was all that great with all we have going on, but there’s a little town on the north coast of Oregon that is just beautiful.  Cannon Beach is a great place for relaxing this time of year.  You never know what the weather is going to be like, so preparing for sun AND rain is a must.  We took books for stormy days & rain gear just in case we would still brave the wind and rain to get outside.  But it turns out we didn’t need that stuff.  If we wouldn’t have had it with us, I’m sure it would have poured down rain the entire time, but we were blessed with cloudy skies for the two full days we were there.  We were greeted with blowing rain that we didn’t think would ever end… until it was time for the sunset!  Ahhhh, it was beautiful.  The next morning we got up early — there is no sleeping in, even on vacation — and headed out for an aerobic walk.  Well, actually what happened was Doug left before I could get out of bed.  I at least waited until it was light out!  He then joined me for my walk (doubling his time out), showing me the way. (not too hard when there’s one main street from one end of town to the other)  We tend to walk everywhere when in these little towns.  And thanks to our fitbits, we could track our mileage!  Five miles in a day was nothin’!  We felt amazing!


When the two of us travel we usually get a room with a kitchen so we can eat most of our meals in.  Some people think we are nuts to fix meals while on vacation.  I don’t mind it at all.  I actually find the search for food we both can eat to be more stressful.  With Doug’s onion allergy, restaurant eating can end in disaster.  So it works out well to have breakfast & dinner in and then grab a sandwich or something light for lunch while we are out and about.  Each morning I made breakfast of cooked oatmeal for Doug and mine was raw with apples and raisins.  I’m totally hooked on this now & will post an easy recipe next week with pictures.  I’m even eating it while I’m home & think I will continue with it next week.  I really enjoy soaked oats.  I hear steel-cut oats are yummy raw too!

About fixing meals while away… I took one grocery bag of stuff that I had at home that I knew traveled well that didn’t need to be purchased at the local grocery store and one small ice chest of things to basically clear out the refrigerator that I didn’t think would last while we were gone or that I figured Alex wouldn’t eat anyway.  Oh, and in that ice chest was a container of frozen soup that I’d made the week prior just for this trip.  Doug’s favorite… Corn chowder!  You see that recipe returning often, don’t you?!   We made one trip to the grocery store and grabbed a few things to round out our taco night.  I’d forgotten our special salsa & the store didn’t have the no-onion type we get, so shazam! we made our own.  At dinner that night we looked at each other and said, “Why don’t we do this more often?”  It was much better than the stuff in the jar any day!  And add a little mango to it and you have a whole new taste sensation going on.


I do have to say one of the things we can’t seem to break ourselves from is the quest for the perfect coffee shop!  We found a couple in Cannon Beach.  But I do have to say that the town is a little weird.  Because it was the “off” season and Spring Break is over, most of the shops (including coffee shops) were closed on either Tuesday or Wednesday, or both!  Not to mention that if they were open they didn’t turn on the coffee pot until 8 a.m.!  Who waits until 8 o’clock to have a cup of coffee?  Shoot!  The day is half over by then.  In any event, we discovered a terrific roaster by the name of Sleepy Monk.  Their coffee is smooth & bold and is sold in a couple of the local shops there.  The one across the street from our hotel even had hemp milk available!  I was in heaven.  I try not to drink too much coffee because the acid isn’t good for my tummy and you all know that I’m a big fan of Teeccino.  I admit I took a pack with me & used the hotel coffee pot to brew my own for my evening cuppa to take the chill off.

But let me tell you about the greatest coffee shop / restaurant!  We’ve been there before, but for some reason this week’s trip to Three Cups Coffee House in Astoria, Oregon, was unlike the first.  We stopped there as we drove through each way.  Lunch on the way down was fabulous.  Who would think that a coffee roaster would have a quinoa & greens salad?  Oh, wow!  This vegan girl was happy!  And satisfied.  On the way back I tried their homemade granola bar.  It clearly had more sugar than anything I would make, but I was warned they were addicting.  Yes, the girl was right.  I really wanted to have another one… but I didn’t.  I may have to try re-creating my own homemade granola bars.


I think part of the experience is the art you get with your cup of coffee!

All in all, the week away was fabulous.  Time spent with Doug without distraction is always a treat.  We had time to talk about what it would be like with Alex gone for five months.  To share our thoughts.  Our hopes.  Our dreams.  Ya know, those things you talk about when there are no kids around.  It was a week well spent, refreshing our minds & souls.  I’m good for a few months now.  Probably until June when I head off to the Getaway in San Diego.  The only difference is I won’t be spending that week with the love of my life… and the beach might be a bit warmer!

Well, Alex leaves Sunday.  A day I’ve been thinking about for two months.  A day I thought I would dread.  I don’t think dread is what I’m feeling.  I’m now happy for him.  He told me he was excited for his new adventure.  That set me at ease and, like I told him, if he is okay with it, so am I.  It’s amazing the things I have come to learn from my son; and here I thought I would be teaching him everything!  The first couple of weeks will be a challenge for all of us, I am sure, as we will have absolutely no contact with him.  No cell phones allowed!  So check back with me on Monday as I post about how it went… saying the final goodbye.

A few things to look forward to next week…

  • a new Teeccino review, this time of their cereal
  • apple raisin raw oat breakfast
  • zuppa!

Until Monday, have a wonderful weekend!  Make it a healthy one.

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