Life Update & a Smoothie Recipe

Happy Day!  Did you have a healthy week?  I definitely did.  This Healthy Vegan Challenge sure has made a huge difference.  I have so much more energy and feel fantastic.  It is amazing what getting sugar out of your body will do for you!  I remember back to when I first changed my eating habits almost two years ago.  I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I felt good.  Does that make sense?  Once I wasn’t having dairy products any longer, I realized that I pretty much had a perpetual stomach ache.  I’m glad that is over and done with and I’ve moved into a new realm!


Energy Levels Increase:

Today I’ve noticed how much more energy I have had this week.  Is it because of my focus on eating eating so well, or it due to my killer workout that my son, Alex, set up for me?  I’m not sure, but I think I like it.  A couple of times this week I have even noticed when I go to bed that I’m not really all that sleepy and might have been able to take advantage of another 30 minutes.  Not that I bounced back out of bed and ran off and did anything.  Rest is good, even if you’re not sleeping.

Now that the weather is a little warmer in the morning, I’m enjoying a green smoothie a couple of times a week.  Ahhh, I love me a green smoothie.  My favorite is a tropical one with mango & pineapple.  You can click on the picture below to be taken to the recipe page.


Smoothies are a great way to get in your greens for the day and if you add in a little bit of fruit it doesn’t feel like you’re slurping a salad!


Well, it is just a little over a week until Alex heads off to Army Basic Training.  We know the day is coming.  We cannot stop it.  At this point, we are going with the flow and will make the best of it.  I’m not looking forward to the actual day… the goodbyes.  I get a little teary just thinking of the moment.  I know in my heart, though, that in the end we will all be stronger and our family will be better for this experience.

The fact that he will be gone during the summer months is helpful.  We are always busy during the summer with hiking, vacations, and other things.  I’m hoping that spending the next five months being busy will help the time go by quickly.  One thing to look forward to is my trip to San Diego in June for the Dr. Fuhrman Getaway.  What could be better than spending time at the beach, eating totally healthy food that’s prepared for you, learning new stuff & making great, like-minded friends!  I can’t wait.  And I just found out they’re only about half booked, so if you’ve been thinking about it, this is the ONE event that will change your life.

I think this summer I’d like to give backpacking a shot.  I have done a one-nighter before, but I think I’d like to shoot for two or three nights this year.  I think I’m ready for that.


Well, I will be on vacation next week, and I haven’t set up a schedule as to when I will be back in touch with all y’all.  I will try to get some things together before I head out for the ocean for a few days.


all nature photos are courtesy of my wonderful, talented husband

2 thoughts on “Life Update & a Smoothie Recipe

  1. I’m so glad that you’re feeling great, Jan! Are you sure it isn’t because you’re on vacay next week? 🙂 I love that you mentioned your decreased need for sleep. I have shaved off about an hour since becoming nutritarian and I love having that extra hour for myself.

    • You’re probably right, Carrie! Knowing I don’t have to work for a week is a relief all in itself and can make anybody feel good.
      I need to get in the habit of staying up until I’m tired rather than going to bed when the clock says I should. Kind of like eating when you’re feeling true hunger rather than because it’s lunch or dinnertime!

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