My New Workout Routine

Happy Wednesday.  I am excited that we are to the middle of the week already.  I’m looking forward to a week off from work next week and a little getaway to the ocean with my hubby.  We know by now not to expect much in the way of weather when we go to the ocean as most times we hit it between sunny spurts.  We have learned to take what we get and go prepared for rain.  If we end up staying in and reading the entire time, that’s okay with us too.  Relaxing and taking a brain break from work is so rejuvenating and good for the soul.


I know today is Wednesday and it’s usually soup recipe day, but our soup this week was a re-run of the corn chowder recipe previously posted.

Last week I was mumbling about my workout routine to Alex.  I have been saying for a long time that I needed to change things up and he is fairly well educated on what is good for maximum results in the gym.  It’s amazing what that kid knows.  How did I ever make it through my younger years without the Internet?

We decided to sit down and he would help me come up with a new workout routine.  A few weeks back Doug had obtained a notebook for me that is specific for working out.  It’s kinda cool the way it’s laid out and I figured by itself if would help me pump up my workout.  Duh!  That’s like saying if I go to the gym I’ll get in shape merely by being IN the gym.  I needed a plan.  So Alex and I spent about an hour on Sunday talking specifically about working out… what I was doing now and what I want to achieve.  Of course, his goals and mine are probably a little different.  He is, after all, a 19-year-old boy, errr man.  My goal is to get long, lean, toned muscles.  I think for him, his goal is bulking up and getting stronger.  Of course, I’d like to get stronger and he acknowledged that one of my focuses is to keep my body strong so as to avoid injury in future years.  At this point we had a light-bulb moment!  We were then on the same page.

What I’m doing:

So you’re dying to know what this exercise routine is, right?  Well, I’m three days in and all I can say is WOWZA!  We pumped it up all right!  I used to do 30 minutes of cardio (every other day running) each day and then weight training on one muscle group each day.  I did the same exercises each week for each muscle group.  Alex said that wasn’t going to do it for me so now on Monday, Wednesday, Friday I do what is called High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT.  I’m running sprinting for one minute and then walking fast for 30 seconds.  I do that off and on for 15 minutes.  By the time I’m finished I am whooped.  I judge the success of my workout by the amount I sweat, and I would say WIN! for this exercise.  On the days I do HIIT I drag myself down to the weights and work TWO muscle groups — both a pulling muscle and pushing muscle.  On the off HIIT days I am to spend 45 minutes in resistant cardio, meaning the treadmill and/or elliptical machine on a steep incline or tight resistance.  Only one day of this so far this week and I feel like I could climb Mt. Rainier!  All five days are to include stretching and abs.  And, ohmagosh, the ab routine is incredible.  A total of 200 ab exercises each day.  So far so good.  I am liking this routine and I so appreciate his willingness to help me.  We have agreed that in five months when we see him at his graduation we won’t recognize each other.  I don’t hope to look like Popeye; something more in line with Betty Boop!

For the first time in a long time, I actually get up and look forward to going to the gym!  I’m playing with the “big boys” now!

Well, this post has gotten quite long, so I’ll wrap it up.  I am looking into the future as to how my posts may evolve.  As you know, my blog has morphed over time from midlife mumblings to more about food, fitness and a little bit of midlife “stuff”.  You may find that more of that “stuff” gets wedged between the food and fitness as Alex departs and we spend five months in solitude.  I know it will be a challenge for me to have no contact with Alex for the first part of Basic Training and then only minimal when he moves on to AIT.  It’s a new chapter of our lives, personally and as a family!

I have updated my blog pages, so if you’re inclined, poke around the tabs at the top and feel free to click through to some of the other blogs I like and products I have tried.

I hope the remainder of your week is great.  Make it healthy & fun!


photos courtesy of my very talented husband

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