Oops! I did it again…

I missed my routine posting on Monday.  My apologies.  I hope there weren’t too many disappointed readers.  I was busy over the Easter weekend and just ran out of time to prep my post and definitely didn’t have time early Monday morning before work got rolling.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.  The weather here in the Pacific Northwest was amazing.  It was near 70 degrees both days of the weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to get out and enjoy it other than eating my lunch on the deck each day.  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t make time to go for a walk.  I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen preparing some goodies for some friends at church and also my desserts for Easter.

Because I follow a nearly vegan healthy diet, we didn’t have the usual ham & scalloped potatoes for dinner.  I did solicit input for the menu from my healthy husband.  He really likes the corn chowder that I make and so that was numero uno on the list.  Asparagus is a requirement, I think, for Easter so that was, of course, added to the menu.  I then made my sweet salad as a “greens” addition.  The cruciferousness of the kale and broccoli are so good for you.  The strawberries (which I used, tho the recipe calls for blueberries) add a nice sweetness.  No salad dressing is required so this is a great travel salad.  Packs well in a lunch or is perfect for a picnic.  My holiday meal was wrapped up with two desserts, a raw carrot cake and a chocolate silk pie from Dr. Fuhrman‘s website.  I thought both were wonderful.  I’ve made the carrot cake before and I seriously could eat two pieces an entire cake without even blinking an eye!  The chocolate silk pie has a wonderful texture and crust.  I liked the flavor of the filling, but Doug thought it was a little too banana-y.  We’ve come to the conclusion that he doesn’t really like cooked bananas.   I will try to make the pie again without banana.  The main ingredient in the pie is tofu, so I’m not sure it really needs a banana anyway.  Maybe adding an avocado instead would be helpful for creaminess.

Alex chose to go to a friend’s house to have a traditional dinner.  I’ve come to accept his decision to eat unlike we do.  I continue to hope that he will change his diet.  With my continual nagging education, I hope that he will eventually see what eating a healthy, plant-based diet will do for his body.  He is young now and I think we all know the thought processes of young people.  Nothing can break him!

Here are some pictures of our meal.

IMG_1129 IMG_1127

I’ve really been into parsley lately, adding it to many different dishes.  I really like the flavor.  I think maybe since my taste buds have become more fine-tuned, I can taste foods in a more meaningful way.

And the desserts we had…

cake pie

Doug purchased a light box for taking photos of inanimate objects and we broke it out Sunday to see what we could do with it.  It came together about the time I was serving dessert so we used it for the photos above.  Doug has a way with the camera to begin with, but the added “perfect” lighting is great.  I think you will see an improvement in my photos to come.

Please check back here Wednesday where I’ll post something about my new workout routine!  I’m excited about it and the changes that I hope to occur over the next few months.

2 thoughts on “Oops! I did it again…

  1. I hope you like the light box! Sometimes I actually wish the lights were even brighter, but it definitely is a big improvement over the kitchen lights in the evening for me. I think in a raw dessert, mango could sub for banana, but I have no idea what to sub for a cooked banana. I think your idea of using an avocado would work, you just might have to add more sweetener. Alan doesn’t like desserts that are too banana-ey either, except for banana cream pie, of course. 🙂

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