What I’m going to eat for Easter dinner

Oh, Friday never looked so good.  Did you have a productive week?  I sure did.  I’m basically caught up at work <phewf!> and have had a little bit of time to relax in the evenings.  It has felt good to reconnect with the family.  Our son, Alex, has been out of town so it was nice to spend some quality time with Hubby.  We had a little taste of what it will be like in about two weeks when he heads off to Basic Training.  I was actually quite proud of myself in that during the five days he was gone camping, I didn’t text him one time!  I wonder if five months will feel anything like five days.  Somehow I don’t think so.

What’s for dinner?

So what will you be serving for Easter dinner?  Will you have traditional fare or are you sticking to your healthy diet for the holiday?  Last year was my first Easter as a vegetarian and I can guarantee you I did not make a ham, but I have no idea what I made.  This year I’ve put a little bit of thought into it and at the request of my healthy hubby, corn chowder will be on the menu.  I think I’ll pair that with this salad and steamed asparagus — you MUST serve asparagus at Easter in my house!  For dessert I will make a raw carrot cake; and for the chocolate lovers of the house (I have no idea who that might be) how about a chocolate silk pie?… healthy, of course!  I hope to get most of the prep done on Saturday, but won’t mind if there is some work to do Sunday.  Alex has decided to spend the day with some friends so he can have “non-vegan” food.  Yep!  I think that means he’ll be eating ham.  I bet he’ll try a piece of dessert though.  He’s never passed up chocolate when it’s been offered… well, maybe once.

The weather has taken a turn up here in the Pacific Northwest and if you live here, you know what I’m talking about.  When we move from highs in the low 40s to highs in the mid to upper 50s we start to get a little giddy.  I’ve worn my sunglasses several times this week.  Wow!  Pretty soon, I might have to double check the sunscreen supply.

What’s new at the gym?

Earlier this week I was excited when Doug brought home a training booklet for me to use at the gym.  I now am more motivated to have better workouts.  I write down the type of exercise I do and the amount of weights I use.  There’s a whole routine for each day of the week so I don’t stand there scratching my head wondering what I am going to do for the day… or more like arguing with myself about what body part I want to work on.  At 6 a.m. the argument isn’t very productive, so many times I usually just do a few exercises and then resort to the mats for some floor work; i.e. abs & stretching.  I do have to say that in just the few days that I’ve used the book and logged my workout, I can already tell that this is a good thing.

I really love doing ab workouts and recently I found this little cartoon and thought I would share.


I’m not so much into pushups, but someday I will be, as I get stronger.

I’ve been living this diet-style now for nearly two years — and it’s been quite a journey, let me tell you — and I often forget what life was like when I ate differently and even looked a little different.  So on Monday, why don’t you check in here and I’ll share with you how our holiday dinner turned out and also, just maybe, I’ll find some “before” pictures and put those up too!  You may be surprised… or not, too.

Have a fabulous weekend.  I hope it is sunny in your world!

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