Ahh, Friday.  Sometimes it feels like the week will never end.  For me this happens right before I am going to have a vacation or an extended weekend.  It seems like we had three Wednesdays this week!  That’s because Monday is a random day off for me.  No holiday, no sickness, just a random scheduled day off.  I love three-day weekends.  An extra day to sleep in (yeah, right), to spend with my hubby, to get a massage, to spend time with a special friend, to do one of my favorite things… hang out in the kitchen!  I wonder what I will create.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Saturday morning is my day to grocery shop.  If I’m not at the store by 6:30, I’m late!  I like to get there before the crowds, get home & put the stuff away and plan my weekly menu.  I think that sounds backwards.  Don’t you usually plan the menu and then shop?  I generally buy the same things each week, so it doesn’t really matter which I order I do it in.  Like our son said one day, “Mom, you guys just eat the same things, you just put different spices on it and call it something different.”  He’s correct to a certain extent.  Anyway, this weekend I’m mixing it up a bit.  I saw on the Healthy Vegan Challenge Facebook page a link to a volunteer group called Bountiful Baskets.  I signed up.  I’m not really sure how good the produce is or if it’s a good value for your money, so after I pick up my first basket Saturday at 8:15 I will let you know.  It’s located near my home, so I decided I wasn’t really out too much if it was a flop.  Now, see, this is going to mess with my routing.  It will require me to hold of shopping until AFTER I pick up the basket to see what I will need to fill in with.  Hopefully it doesn’t make me too crazy, since I’m such a creature of habit.

I need to share something we had for dinner last night.  I try to make something I can alter just a bit for Alex, our son, since he’s not a plant foodie.  So last night it was going to be spaghetti.  I had some of this yummy spaghetti sauce in the freezer, so we thawed it, warmed it up and served it over steamed broccoli!  Oh, it was so yummy.  My husband had his first helping over some spiral noodles and when I said how good it was on the broccoli, guess what he did?!  He agreed it was good that way.


Last year I bought one of those spiral cutters.  Yeah, well, I tried it once, I think, and there it sits in the back of the cupboard.  It’s supposed to be helpful in making “noodles” from zucchini.  You can even make sweet potato fries with it.  I’ve had no luck getting it to cut correctly.  If you have one and would like to share with me the proper method in making it work, I sure would appreciate any suggestions you can give.  Until I figure it out, I’m going to stick with steamed broccoli for the foundation of my “spaghetti”.  I think it worked quite nicely.  Coupled with a big green salad, I still left the table feeling quite satisfied and had a little bit of room for some strawberry “ice dream”.

Something New For Next Week:

I’m working on my very first giveaway.  Fellow blogger and Healthy Vegan Challenge creator, Carrie, will be giving away codes for her Vegan Delish App.   Wouldn’t you love to have instant access to healthy vegan, whole-food recipes right at your fingertips… and for free.   How cool is that?  Check here Monday for your chance to win!  Plus… her pictures are way cooler than mine, wouldn’t you agree?

Almond Date Balls


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